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Michigan Methadone Clinics

Home of the original Motown Record Company and longtime seat of the US auto industry, Michigan is known both for its vibrant cities and for scenic getaways on the nation’s longest freshwater coastline. With a population of nearly 10 million and a steady stream of tourists visiting its many lakes and city streets, Michigan has plenty to offer for visitors and residents alike.

But recent economic downturns and the decline of the once-thriving American car industry have created new drug addiction problems for Michigan’s cities and towns – and exacerbated existing ones. In recent years, heroin abuse and heroin related deaths have skyrocketed in the state. Because heroin is an opioid drug, heroin addiction in Michigan is also linked to a surge in the abuse of prescription opioid medications in adults in nearly every age group.

Methadone is a medication that mimics the action of heroin and similar drugs in the body, reducing the cravings and withdrawal symptoms so that users can concentrate on recovery. For those reasons, Michigan methadone clinics offer medical supervision and medical support for users of heroin and other opioids throughout the state.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to heroin or other opioids, methadone treatment may help to break the cycle of addiction. With Addictions.com, you’ll be able to receive detailed information about methadone maintenance and the rehab facilities that offer it in Michigan. We are committed to helping anyone who needs it, regardless of your addiction or your circumstances.

Michigan Addiction Stats

  • The number of drug overdose deaths in Michigan rose by nearly 14 percent between 2014 and 2015
  • The city of Lansing alone saw a 700 percent increase in heroin related deaths between 2014 and 2017
  • Heroin and cocaine are the most-abused drugs in Detroit
  • Heroin and prescription opioids are the most abused drugs in the rest of the state
  • Heroin death rates are highest among young adults aged 25 to 34
  • Michigan ranks 10th in the country for overall drug problems


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It isn’t always easy to recognize the symptoms of drug abuse in a loved one – or even in yourself. Drug use and addiction can be triggered by causes as diverse as:

  • Stress
  • Social situations
  • Traumatic life events
  • Medical issues
  • Relationship problems

Symptoms of addiction can vary widely, but they often include withdrawal, changes in daily routines such as sleeping more than usual, mood changes, and secretive behaviors. A loved one may be chronically short of cash, or skip meals and other self-care.

Heroin and other opiates work by depressing the central nervous system, which reduces pain and promotes feelings of pleasure, relaxation and drowsiness. These drugs also cause physical changes in the brain and body, so that stopping them causes severe cravings for the drug and a long list of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Michigan Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Michigan

An addiction to heroin or other opioids can affect every area of a user’s life, causing problems with relationships, work and the law. Addictions cause people to lose jobs, abandon friends and family, and commit crimes to support the addiction.

People struggling with addictions are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder, and addiction can worsen existing health problems and create new ones. Overdosing on heroin or a combination of heroin and other drugs can lead to death or permanent disability. But at Addictions.com, we know that other paths are possible too – and we want to help every client find the right resources for a successful recovery.

Methadone is a prescribed medication that fills the void left by heroin or opioids. It can only be dispensed under supervision through an inpatient rehab or outpatient methadone clinic. That’s why we’re providing methadone clinic options to fit everyone’s budget, in locations throughout the state.

Choosing From Many Michigan Methadone Clinics

If you’re looking for a methadone clinic in Michigan to help you recover from a heroin or opioid addiction, it’s important to do your research and take a careful look at your finances and circumstances. To find the clinic that’s right for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Inpatient or Outpatient? Methadone-based rehabs are available for both inpatient and outpatient care. In an inpatient program, you’ll spend a month or more in treatment for all stages of recovery from detox and withdrawal to counseling and support for staying drug free once you leave the program. You’ll begin taking methadone during your stay, and continue the medication on an outpatient basis.

For financial and other reasons, many people choose to begin recovery with the help of an outpatient rehab program. Methadone clinics typically dispense the medication daily as part of a comprehensive recovery program that includes counseling and group sessions.

Get Help From Friends and Family. You may know people who have used methadone clinics. Ask them for feedback on their experiences. Enlist the help of loved ones to research rehabs and programs. Ask them to go with you to look over a facility or a program, or to talk with staff. They can help you ask questions and evaluate the answers.

Get Help From Professionals

Talk to doctors, counselors or other healthcare professionals about rehab options and ask for recommendations and insights. Quitting an addiction is a life-changing step, and getting the support you need makes that step much easier to take.

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