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Shreveport, LA is ripe with southern charm and hospitality.  Situated where the Red River meets the Texas Trail, the city became a center for logging and steam boating.  Shreveport was the capital of Louisiana during the Civil War and played a huge role in the Confederacy.  With many historic battlegrounds and sites to remember fallen soldiers, Shreveport residents and visitors celebrate the city’s rich heritage.

In today’s world, Shreveport is home to approximately 441,000 citizens.  With Shriner’s hospital, import and exporting and the establishment of numerous casinos, Shreveport has a strong economy.  With a focus on tourism, there are many adult activities through the casino industry and family friendly events through parks and recreation in the city.  With the adult tourism and growing population, Shreveport has struggled with a rise in opioid related overdoses like the rest of the nation.  With approximately 15 death related to opiate overdose between 2014 and 2016, officials are working collaboratively to meet the problem head on.

For those grappling with heroin addiction, the stakes are high.  Because heroin production is not controlled, users never know when chasing the high can go incredibly wrong.  By searching for Shreveport, LA methadone clinics, you or your loved one can receive the help and care you need to combat and conquer opioid addiction.  At, we can provide you with the best possible resources to face recovery with hope and optimism.

Shreveport Addiction Stats

  • In 2013, 1907 patients received methadone as a part of their recovery program from heroin addiction.  271 patients received buprenorphine during that same year in LA.
  • 2.7% of residents ages 12 and over reported using illicit drugs in 2014 in Louisiana.
  • In August, 2016, the DEA recommended people dispose of left over pain medications as they are a gateway drug to opioids.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

If heroin is a problem, stopping can seem hopeless.  Stimulation of the pleasure center of the brain by opiate ingestion makes serotonin and dopamine levels spiral out of control. Medications are available to lessen cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms.  Shreveport, LA methadone clinics may be one avenue of service.  Pharmacological interventions can help:

  • By activation of opioid receptors creating a reduction in cravings and withdrawal
  • Allow gentle tapering schedule from heroin
  • Prevent heroin relapse

Buprenorphine is another drug that can be prescribed to help.  With pharmaceuticals and counseling treatment, recovery can start on a more firm foundation. Our professionals can develop a specific treatment plan based on individualized circumstances.

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Center for Behavioral Health Louisiana Inc

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Brentwood Hospital

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Getting Help in Shreveport

Shreveport, LA methadone clinics may be just one part of a broader recovery program.  With heroin, patients need medical detoxification combined with the use of a variety of medications.  Depending on your circumstance a 28 day rehab may be recommended.  Upon graduating from rehab, aftercare programs and family therapy may also be suggested.  Self-help recovery groups are also recommended for ongoing support.  At, we can help you find the right combination of services to help you or a loved one reach the goal of lasting recovery.

Choosing From Many Shreveport Methadone Clinics

Searching for information about Shreveport, LA methadone clinics is one way to begin a path of recovery.  With detoxification, in-patient or out-patient treatment and other therapies, hope shines brightly.  A clean and sober way of life offers so many gifts:

  • Freedom from fear of being pulled over by law enforcement from DUI
  • Freedom from obsessing about getting drugs
  • Freedom from lying and hiding from family and friends

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