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Louisiana Treatment Facts

In Louisiana, methadone clinics provide those who are addicted to harmful opiates with the medical intervention necessary to prevent cravings and reduce the risks of later relapse. Methadone maintenance treatment has become a common method of care for the some 6% of Louisiana residents who report recent opiate abuse.

LA Treatment Approaches

How Does Methadone Work?

This powerful medication stops the user from feeling the harmful side effects associated with early term opiate withdrawal. Methadone will prevent cravings, stop shakes and jitters, reduce the inflammation feeling in the bones and joints and can even minimize overall desire to use opiates. All of this helps the user to focus more on healing and less on the side effects that otherwise cause them to turn to opiates.

Who is Methadone For?

Methadone maintenance treatment is helpful for those who are strongly addicted to heroin or prescription opiate based painkillers such as Oxycontin or oxycodone. This medication can be taken for a prolonged period of time and is often the go-to choice in treatment for those who have tried other therapy and treatment methods in the past with little or no success.

Talk with your doctor before taking methadone if you are pregnant or nursing. For most people, methadone is a safe alternative to using prescription opiates or heroin to fuel a drug habit.

If you or someone you love is addicted to an opiate, consider a methadone center in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport or in a town near you. Louisiana methadone clinics are readily available throughout the state to help those in need. Our directory of methadone clinics in Louisiana can help you find a local, suitable treatment provider that will fast track your recovery from opiate addiction.