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Kansas Methadone Clinics

As Dorothy once said, there’s no place like home… and of course, she was talking about Kansas. This state sits squarely in the middle of America and has a rich Native American history. Today, the Sunflower State is an agricultural fiend, supplying much of the country’s selection of corn, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum.

Unfortunately, all this hard work and farming isn’t the only thing Kansas is known for. The state is also struggling with an opioid and heroin epidemic. These drugs are running rampant through the state, causing overdose deaths, drug arrests, and familial strife. Because Kansas is such a central state, many drug traffickers pass through it when distributing their product to the rest of the country.

Being addicted to heroin doesn’t have to be the end of your life. There is help available, if you’re willing to seek it. Addictions.com is a comprehensive resource to assist you in finding Kansas methadone clinics. With the help of a methadone clinic, you’ll be able to wean off heroin and regain your freedom.

Kansas Addiction Stats

  • 606 people died from opioid analgesic overdoses in 2012, which was 41.1 percent of all deaths from drugs
  • 2,077 people in 2013 used methadone each day as part of their addiction treatment
  • There was a 71 percent increase in heroin deaths from 2013 to 2015
  • There was a 28 percent increase in prescription opioid deaths from 2013 to 2015
  • 1,123 people were admitted to the hospital for opioid overdose in 2004


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Not sure if your loved one is abusing heroin or not? There’s a few ways to verify your suspicions. Monitor their behavior to see how they act. If you notice any periods of emotional instability, violent behavior, or lying to others, they may be on drugs. Heroin in particular causes constricted pupils, lethargy, flushing, and more. You might even spot their drug paraphernalia – needles, tourniquets, spoons, and lighters.

Most people don’t turn to drug use voluntarily. The majority of people currently hooked on heroin started with prescription opioids. They might have had a legitimate prescription and then became addicted on accident. Other reasons for starting on opioids include depression or peer pressure.

Kansas Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Kansas

The long-term effects of opioid abuse go further than mood changes and secretive behavior. You might feel like you’re a slave to drugs, unable to break free. Instead of enjoying life, you’ll constantly be thinking about how and when to get your next dose. Your performance at work or school might suffer, you might lose friends, and your health will start to decline.

Getting treatment for heroin addiction can help you get your life back to normal. While it’s a long road, you’ll be able to repair relationships with your loved ones, hold down a steady job, and improve how you feel on a daily basis. We want to help you in this journey, which is why we’ve compiled our huge list of Kansas methadone clinics to get you started.

Choosing From Many Kansas Methadone Clinics

Being overwhelmed at the number of Kansas methadone clinics to choose from is normal. You might not know where to turn for help. To make sure you choose the appropriate facility to meet your needs, keep the following tips in mind.

Ask doctors, family, and friends for help. If you’re really stuck, the first place you should seek assistance is a medical professional. Doctors with addiction training are experts in the field and can do a thorough assessment of your condition. After determining the severity of your addiction, they can make an educated Kansas methadone clinic recommendation. However, if you’re too afraid to go to a doctor, ask your friends and family to help you narrow down your choices.

Find a Kansas methadone clinic near you. Unlike other treatment centers, methadone clinics require you to make daily visits. There’s no way to take your methadone home with you, and you need to receive a dose once a day. Because of that, it’s best to find a Kansas methadone clinic within driving distance. Choosing a location too far away could give you a reason to relapse.

Look for a center with multiple treatments. Going on methadone is great, as it can prevent you from having withdrawal symptoms and block the effects of other opioids if you try to get high. However, there’s more to addiction than just physical symptoms. Try to find a Kansas methadone clinic that will help you combat your mental addiction as well. Look for centers that have behavioral therapy, group counseling, or NA meetings you can attend.

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