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For Indianapolis residents and visitors there is no shortage of family friendly activities. Home of the Indy 500, approximately 855,000 citizens reside here, the second largest city in the west. Indianapolis has worked to build art and culture in the city with museums, art houses and concerts widely available for entertainment. The Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens are great places to hike and explore all that outdoor Indiana has to offer. With a strong network of Fortune 500 company headquarters located in the city, the economy is thriving. Indianapolis may be considered one of the nation’s most “livable” big cities.

However, even in the western region, opioid-related deaths are skyrocketing. Indianapolis, IN methadone clinics have sprung up in an effort to assist those struggling with heroin addiction. Deaths related to opioids are on the rise and infants born addicted to prescription opioids and heroin have led health professionals to appeal to lawmakers for help. Narcan, a drug to reverse opioid overdose, has been made readily available to first responders to prevent tragic deaths from occurring.

For those battling heroin addiction, the struggle to quit is difficult, but not impossible. Trapped in the cycle of getting high, craving and using to avoid sickness is no way to live. Milwaukee, WI methadone clinics are located throughout the city to help. At, we can provide helpful support to develop a personalized recovery pathway for you or your loved one.

Indianapolis Addiction Stats

  • Indiana had the 15th highest rate of opioid overdoses in the nation between 2011-2013,
    with 16 deaths for every 100,000 people.
  • In 2016, one in every four infants born experienced Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome indicating maternal dependence on opioids.
  • 8% of Indiana high school students have used heroin at least once in their lifetimes.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Anyone can become addicted to substances. Addiction tendencies can run in families, but sometimes even smart, savvy, professionals find themselves relying more and more on chemicals to solve the problems of life. Heroin addiction can begin innocently enough. If a person develops an addiction to opiates after receiving prescribed drugs for an illness or injury, they may turn to heroin as an affordable solution to get more opiates once prescription options are no longer available. Who is at risk for heroin addiction?

  • People with chronic, painful medical conditions
  • Medical professionals who have access to opiates
  • People who have experimented with other types of drugs
  • Individuals who have a family history of addiction
  • Anyone who chooses to try heroin even once

In treating substance use disorder, our addiction specialists at are available to speak to you about risks and circumstances that affect you directly.

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Saint Vincent Stress Center

8401 Harcourt Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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2626 East 46th Street
Suite J
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Health Recovery Centers of Indiana

2305 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Fairbanks Hospital

8102 Clearvista Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Community Hospitals of Indiana Inc

7150 Clearvista Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46256

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Getting Help in Indianapolis

Living the life of a heroin addict is no joy ride. While the initial euphoria may be enough to hook a user in, the drug quickly takes an evil turn. More and more of the drug is required to get the same level of high. Money becomes scarce. Jobs, family relations and physical health are affected. In order to treat heroin addiction and create stability for further recovery efforts, turning to help through Indianapolis, IN methadone clinics is a good option. Medical professionals are able to monitor use, and patients can stop heroin without experiencing horrible withdrawal symptoms and debilitating cravings. A taper schedule is eventually employed to help patients stop using methadone, as well.

Choosing From Many Indianapolis Methadone Clinics

Saving yourself and your loved one from heroin addiction takes a village. At, we know the struggle and don’t want anyone to face the recovery effort alone. Finding help and hope as you can look forward to a life filled with:

  • Friends and family relationships restored with trust.
  • New opportunities.
  • An end to legal trouble.
  • Better physical health.

You deserve a happy, healthy way of life. Heroin addiction can end its destructive hold on your life and the lives of those you love.

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