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Indiana Methadone Clinics

At the heart of the American Midwest is Indiana. This quaint state has a diverse background, with a mix of Native American and European culture. Today, the state is best known for its contributions to the sports world, including big-market teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, the Indianapolis Pacers, and the Indiana Fever. Also of importance is the Indianapolis 500, the crowing jewel of the racing world.

However, not everything about Indiana is so pleasant. It’s also home to rampant drug abuse, especially with heroin and prescription opioids. While these drugs are a problem across the entire United States, Indiana is being hit particularly hard because of its centralized location.

If you live in Indiana and suffer from heroin or opioid painkiller addiction, we can help. Addictions.com has created a list of all the Indiana methadone clinics to help make finding treatment easier. With a methadone prescription, you can ease off of your drug use without any debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

Indiana Addiction Stats

  • Opioid painkillers resulted in 20 percent of drug overdose deaths in 2012
  • Three out of four heroin users said they started by abusing prescription opioids first
  • 239 people died from overdosing on heroin in 2015
  • The amount of heroin overdoses increased 2.7 times between 2011 to 2014
  • There were 2,977 non-fatal emergency department visits for opioid overdoses in 2015


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can’t always be readily recognized. If your loved one is doing drugs, you might notice a change in their behavior. They may be more secretive or ask to borrow money. You might even spot heroin supplies, such as needles, tourniquets, or pipes, lying around in their home. If you catch them during a high, look out for constricted pupils and a sleepy demeanor.

If you do find that a loved one has turned to drugs, don’t be angry. It usually isn’t a conscious choice. Many people becoming addicted by accident after having a legitimate painkiller prescription. Others turn to drugs because of the influence of friends or because they are suffering from other mental issues.

Indiana Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Indiana

Whether you live in Indiana or on Mars, drug abuse will have negative consequences on your life. However, people in Indiana have unique challenges that can make things even more difficult to bear. They may turn to violent crimes in order to get money to finance their drug habit. They might even destroy relationships with family members with abusive behavior and language.

It’s never an easy fix to cure addiction. It’s a complicated disease that is dependent on a lot of individual factors. However, with our help, we believe you can overcome it. Addictions.com believes in you and wants to give you the tools you need to succeed. By browsing our Indiana methadone clinics, you’ll be able to take a step forward towards a better life.

Choosing From Many Indiana Methadone Clinics

Making the decision to get sober is already a hard and difficult choice. Therefore, you might already feel exhausted when it comes time to choose an Indiana methadone clinic. Admittedly, this is one of the hardest parts of the process. However, when your decision is made, you’ll be able to slip into an easy-to-follow routine that will enable you to lead a normal life. Here’s a few tips to help you during the process of elimination.

  • Ask loved ones for help. While it might seem intimidating to ask your friends and family for help, especially if you’ve alienated them, you won’t be able to do this on your own. If you’re the loved one of someone who takes drugs, you’ll want to learn how to help them choose treatment. People not on drugs have a clear head and can often see the big picture easier. It will be simple for them to point you in the right direction.
  • Find a local treatment center. Unlike other methods of treatment, you’ll need to visit an Indiana methadone clinic every day for the foreseeable future. Methadone can’t be dispensed for a take-home dose, meaning you’ll need to stop by the clinic on a daily basis. Don’t pick a clinic that’s halfway across the state, as you’ll quickly tire of driving hours each day just to take a pill.
  • Find reliable reviews and recommendations. While an Indiana methadone clinic might sound fabulous on its website, that might not be the whole picture. Try to speak with former heroin addicts to see what clinic they went to and how they were treated there. You’ll want to find a location that respects you as a person and sees you for more than just an addict.

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