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Home to Abraham Lincoln, Decatur, IL represents the heartland of America.  With prairies and farmland for miles, the city has a strong agricultural foundation and has become the seat of farming equipment manufacturing and soybean production.  With a motto of, “We like it here,” people generally experience wholesome family life in Decatur.  As a moderately sized city, population of just over 73,000, there are many things for residents and visitors to enjoy.  Visiting one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes or strolling through any one of the city’s parks that encompass a total of 2,000 acres are just a couple of notable areas for exploration in this amazing city.

Thus, to discover that Decatur is struggling with a serious drug problem might come as quite a shock.  Over the past two years, Decatur’s overdose numbers have climbed into double digits.  This is not a fact the community is willing to quietly accept.  Law enforcement, local politicians and healthcare officials are looking for ways to squash the growing epidemic and save lives.  Heroin is the primary offender.

Many addicts find themselves addicted to illicit drugs like heroin after struggling with pill addictions. Opioids have been widely prescribed over the past few years, causing many to fall into the clutches of addiction.  If you or a loved one is looking to stop the awful cycle of heroin abuse, searching for Decatur, IL methadone clinics is the first step on your journey back to wellness.  Our helpful, compassionate staff at is here to help in your search.

Decatur Addiction Stats

  • 21 citizens have overdosed in Decatur in the past two years.
  • In addition to providing Narcan to first responders to treat addiction overdose, Decatur has implemented an “At Risk Services Program” in response to the heroin crisis.
  • 9.3% of people ages 12 and older reported having used illicit drugs between 2009 and 2013.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Finding Decatur, IL methadone clinics with the necessary facilities and medical personnel to help you or a loved one might be intimidating.  When people don’t know where to find help, Often, people don’t know where to turn for help, they can feel hopeless and overwhelmed.  Heroin offers a euphoric high, creating a sense of peace and connectedness for the user.  The sensation can be difficult to give up.  Thus, the pleasure of inducing such a sensation while blocking out life’s pain adds to repeated use.  Eventually dependency develops.  People also continue using to avoid the sickness of withdrawal symptoms. With heroin, you simply never know if time will be your last time.  Heroin use leads to the following:

  • Jail
  • Family problems
  • HIV
  • Death
  • Getting clean and sober

Let us help you find the only best option of those listed above.  A clean and sober life awaits you.

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Getting Help in Decatur

With the rise in heroin abuse in Decatur, real people are hurting.  No one makes a conscious decision to become a heroin addict.  Certain events strung together lead to opioid abuse.  Unfortunately, this abuse affects a person in body, mind and spirit.  With warped, drug-seeking thoughts, wild emotional swings and the physical pain of withdrawal, it makes sense that medical help is vitally necessary to help and addict get well.

Choosing From Many Decatur Methadone Clinics

Decatur, IL methadone clinics are standing by to help.  Competent doctors work within these clinics to provide not only methadone, but other types of medications like buprenorphine, buprenorphine-naloxone and naltrexone.  By making withdrawal easier to endure, relapse prevention is stronger.  How does methadone work?  It can help with the following:

  • Reduces cravings
  • Minimizes withdrawal symptoms
  • Decreases the risk of overdose
  • Allows addicts the freedom to focus on recovery

While methadone isn’t a perfect solution for the problem of heroin addiction, it is a tool in the arsenal against heroin addiction.

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