Miami, Florida Methadone Clinics

Miami enjoys diversity unparalleled in most of the country. There communities of retirees and LGBT individuals, as well as people with Caribbean, Cuban, and Central and South American heritage. There is a lot of love an acceptance to go around. Unfortunately, Miami residents beset by opioid addiction exist outside of this. They feel isolated. However, there are treatment options that can assist them in returning to their community with the ability to engage fully.

If you or someone who is important to you need addiction treatment for an opioid addiction, methadone may be a critical part of your recovery. At, we want to help you find the ideal facility for methadone treatment. We have gathered detailed information about Miami, FL methadone clinics to help you make your decision. We know that it will help you find a perfect match to your needs.

Miami Addiction Stats

  • Heroin deaths increased 120 percent in Miami-Dade County between 2011 and 2012
  • In 2012, the number of opioid drug-related deaths increased 13 percent in Miami-Dade County
  • In a state-funded survey, 12.3 percent of Miami-Dade residents reported engaging in binge drinking in the 30 days prior to the being asked
  • In 2015, 15.6 percent of all new commitments in Miami-Dade County were drug-related
  • In 2015, 74.6 percent of all new drug commitments were for drug trafficking


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is caused by a variety of triggers, which can be as simple as a desire to get high or as complicated as an attempt to medicate an untreated mental illness. There are also factors like genetics and brain makeup. It’s very difficult to accurately identify the cause of someone’s substance abuse and include every element that contributed.

The signs of drug abuse can be a little clearer cut. For example, opioid abusers often display the side effects of the drug use, which include lethargy, enlarged pupils, nodding off, and difficulty focusing. And, continued use can lead to behavioral symptoms like increased secrecy, defensiveness when asked about drug use, and lack of follow-through with responsibilities.

More Methadone Clinics in Miami

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Southwest Miami Treatment Center

11980 SW 8th Street
Suite 16
Miami, FL 33184

South Miami Hospital Addiction Treatment Program

7401 SW 62nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33143

Comprehensive Psychiatric Center South

9735 East Fern Street
Miami, FL 33157

Comprehensive Psychiatric Center North

240 NW 183rd Street
Miami, FL 33169

Alternative Soul Sobriety

882 NE 79th Street
Miami, FL 33138

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Getting Help in Miami

Miami residents who have developed an opioid addiction may believe that their drug use is a character failing because they have been taught addicts are weak willed. But, that’s not the case. Addiction is a disease and like any other disease, it requires professional treatment. When it comes to opioid addiction specifically, that often includes the use of a medication like methadone. knows about every one of the Tampa, FL methadone clinics and the role they can play in recovery. We know how important they are, which makes us truly committed to helping you find one that matches your budget and needs.

Choosing From Many Miami Methadone Clinics

When researching Miami, FL methadone clinics, it’s important to be thorough in your approach. Your treatment outcomes will be improved by finding a facility that matches your situation.

  • Talk to people who have experienced it firsthand

    Check with family and friends to see if any are former patients at Miami, FL methadone clinics. Ask them which one the attendees and what their experience was like.

  • Start working on a support system

    This is the time to tell people you trust about your addiction and to ask them for their help as you move forward. They can assist you with research and give you the motivation to persevere.

  • Be honest about your willingness to commute

    Miami, FL methadone clinics will all require you to arrive daily for your dose of methadone. You don’t have to pick the closest facility, but you don’t want to pick one that necessitates a ton of travel.

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