Wilmington, Delaware Methadone Clinics

Heroin and painkillers are the largest drug threats in Wilmington, which is the largest heroin supply base in Delaware. Opiate overdose deaths in Wilmington have soared in recent years — mainly because a deadly, potent opioid called fentanyl is being mixed or cut into local heroin supply.

Wilmington, DE methadone clinics use FDA-approved medications that can help individuals safely and comfortably overcome opiate addiction. Use Addictions.com to find nearby methadone clinics ready to help you get clean.

Wilmington Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Heroin addiction in Wilmington is mainly driven by painkiller abuse since the illicit opiate is easier to obtain and lower in cost than painkillers. Drug abuse can also be caused by mental health disorders, peer pressure, and genetics.

Physical signs of opioid abuse:

  • Slowed breathing
  • Sudden change in appetite
  • Runny nose
  • Slurred speech

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Getting Help in Wilmington

Wilmington, DE methadone clinics use treatments that help you overcome physical dependency on heroin and all other opioids. Recovering from opioid addiction can be difficult to do on one’s own, and increases the risk for relapse, coma, and death when not conducted in a controlled medical environment. If you need help fighting opioid addiction, our caring drug abuse counselors are on standby 24/7 to discuss all your treatment options.

Choosing From Many Wilmington Methadone Clinics

Finding the right methadone clinic can be tough when you’re also coping with addiction — use these tips when researching your options for Wilmington, DE methadone clinics.

  • Treat co-occurring disorders

    Co-occurring disorders are mental health disorders that coincide with addiction and may even be driving your addiction. Search for Wilmington, DE methadone clinics that also treat co-occurring disorders so you can overcome opioid addiction as a whole.

  • Stay clean for life with ongoing therapy

    After withdrawing from heroin and opioids, you’ll need ongoing therapy to stay clean in the months and years following methadone treatment. Look for Wilmington, DE methadone clinics that offer 12-step support groups, counseling, and relapse prevention training aimed at helping you achieve lifelong sobriety.

  • Find the right location

    Methadone is often dispensed once per day in an outpatient setting to prevent patients from accidentally misusing their medications. If you’re seeking outpatient treatment so you can also balance work, school, or family, look for Wilmington, DE methadone clinics near your home.

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