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For visitors and residents of Hartford, CT, enjoying a stroll through the oldest park in the United States or engaging in special community events by Park River are perks of living in this historic city. With a population with approximately 125,000, there are many activities to enjoy for families and visitors, alike. The city is deemed “The Insurance Capital” since many of the nation’s insurance headquarters are located here. Along with insurance, the city is home to various manufacturers that contribute to the economy.

In recent years, Hartford has fallen prey to the drug crisis, with opiates and heroin becoming a major problem. Recently, law enforcement officers have made significant arrests, confiscating large quantities of heroin during drug sweeps. The opioid epidemic plagues Hartford, with overdoses at an all-time high. Prescription pain relievers and more illicit drugs like heroin are leaving local officials scrambling to address the issue effectively. Naloxone, a drug used to reverse the effects of opiate overdose, is being made readily available to first responders throughout the state of Connecticut.

Heroin addiction is serious and life-threatening. You never know if this time using heroin, will be the last time using heroin. Reaching out for help and through Hartford, CT methadone clinics or other available resources may be the step to save your life or the life of someone you love. At Addictions.com, we can put you on the right path for professional medical substance abuse solutions.

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Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

For people attempting to stop using heroin, the process can be challenging. Because of the manner in which opiates act in the brain, quitting can be extremely difficult. Pleasure and pain receptors in the brain, make the user want more and more, promoting drug seeking behaviors. Thus, quitting generally requires medical help from professionals trained in addiction cessation. Part of this process may be admission to one of our Hartford, CT methadone clinics. Methadone works in a specific way to do the following:

  • Act as a replacement therapy
  • Stop or reduce withdrawal
  • Reduce craving
  • Prevent relapse
  • Enhance recovery efforts

Our professional addiction specialists can offers advice and help in treating the symptoms of withdrawal and safely stopping heroin along with the use of other drugs.

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Hartford Dispensary Henderson/Johnson Clinic MMTP

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Getting Help in Hartford

Addiction is difficult for the whole family. When someone moves from prescription opiates to heroin abuse, it can be difficult to see light at the end of a dark tunnel. Drug use develops into patterns and cycles of behaviors. A person using heroin experiences a euphoric high. Afterwards, there can be a period of depression. Craving develops in the brain for the next high. If the addict does not get heroin, withdrawal symptoms can develop. To ward off sickness and satiate the craving, the addict uses again. The cycle is maddening, and the heroin addict is trapped in a nightmare of his/her own creation.

Choosing From Many Hartford Methadone Clinics

The journey back from heroin addiction is long, with many rough patches. However, there is a vibrant, happy life awaiting those who choose to get clean. Here are some of the things that will come with sobriety:

  • You will have a sense of freedom and peace.
  • Your family will begin to trust you again.
  • You will be restored to physical health.
  • Your mind will quiet and you will cease fixating on heroin.

In finding a clean and sober life, positive things will come back into your life or the life of someone you love. Drugs affect an addict and the family and friends. By seeking help through Hartford, CT methadone clinics, recovery is within reach.

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