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Whether considered legal or illegal, opiate drugs can cause real problems when used for prolonged periods of time. Scores of people from all walks of life have fallen into the trap that prescription pain pills and heroin set for unsuspecting users. Much like the rest of the country, Denver communities continue to struggle with the effects of opiate abuse.

If you’ve tried other forms of treatment and still struggle with opiate abuse, it may be time to consider Denver, CO methadone clinics. Denver, CO methadone clinics use treatment approaches specifically designed to address the damaging effects of chronic opiate addiction. We here at can match you with a methadone program that’s capable of helping you eliminate addiction from your life once and for all.

Denver Addiction Stats

  • In 2015, 51.3 percent of all drug treatment admissions were heroin-related.
  • Falling prices for heroin contribute to increasing rates of heroin abuse in Denver. In 2012, a gram of heroin averaged $255.20. In 2015, the average cost was $123.12 per gram.
  • Since 2001, prescription pain pill overdose fatalities increased by 372 percent in Denver compared to the average state-wide increase of 128 percent


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

For some people, the use of opiates to treat an accident or injury becomes the starting point for abuse and addiction to develop. For others, recreational drug use is the culprit. In both instances, opiate effects remain the same.

Prolonged use of opiates in any form opens the door for physical dependency and addiction to take root. Once a pattern of drug abuse develops, signs typically take the form of:

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Growing disinterest in meeting daily responsibilities
  • Loss of energy

The type of treatment offered through Denver, CO methadone clinics can provide considerable relief from these symptoms as well as from the withdrawal effects that develop when drug use stops.

More Methadone Clinics in Denver

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Crossroads Treatment Center

1801 West 13th
Denver, Colorado 80204

Phoenix Concept

2162 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80205

Mental Health Center of Denver Downing Site

1634 Downing Street
Denver, CO 80206

Denver Health and Hospital Authority Behavioral Health Services

777 Bannock Street
Unit 9
Denver, CO 80204

Center For Recovery

2121 S. Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224

Boulder Clinic Inc North Denver Behavioral Health Center

7290 Samuel Drive
Suite 110
Denver, CO 80221

Boulder Clinic Inc Denver Behavioral Health Ctr Downtown

1337 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204

ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr The Haven Mother’s House I

3844 West Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236

ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr The Haven Day Treatment

3630 West Princeton Circle
Denver, CO 80236

ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr

1827 Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80206

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Getting Help in Denver

The longer opiate abuse continues the more difficult it is to treat. In turn, once a full-blown addiction takes hold, you’re not only dealing with a physical dependence, but a mental/emotional dependence as well.

The help available through Denver, CO methadone clinics provides a range of treatment supports, both medical and psychological. For example, the Boulder Clinic Inc Denver Behavioral Health Ctr Downtown Methadone Clinic offers methadone treatment coupled with ongoing counseling and behavior-based treatments, such as individual psychotherapy and support group work.

Methadone’s ability to correct for opiate’s damaging effects combined with the structure and guidance offered through Denver, CO methadone clinics provide you with the supports needed to overcome opiate addiction in your daily life. can help you find a Denver methadone program that works for you.

Choosing From Many Denver Methadone Clinics

Denver, CO methadone clinics offer different types of treatment services that are designed to address different stages or severities of addiction. For this reason, it’s important to be honest with yourself in terms of just how badly addiction has impacted your life.

Program types for Denver, CO methadone clinics include:

  • Inpatient programs – offer medical and psychological treatment as well as methadone and addiction treatment
  • Residential programs – help you develop daily living habits that promote a drug-free lifestyle
  • Outpatient programs – provide ongoing counseling, behavior-based treatment and methadone treatment

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