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Colorado Methadone Clinics

With Pike’s Peak, Aspen, and some of the best skiing in the United States, it is easy to forget that Colorado also has major metropolitan areas as well as a rich cultural heritage. It is part of the four corners along with Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. It even harbors a part of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado Plateau.

Despite its abundant wildlife, fishing, and other recreational activities, Colorado is not immune to the stigma of drug abuse and addiction. Some of the major issues in Colorado revolve around heroin and prescription opiate diversion. Law enforcement calls both of these major problems in both rural and metropolitan areas.

As the availability of these drugs is high, so are the addiction rates. Fortunately, there is help available. This help comes in the form of methadone clinics and treatment centers. In order to find a Colorado methadone clinic, simply call us at Addictions.com. We can provide you with all the information you need to find the clinic that is right for you.

Colorado Addiction Stats

  • Colorado is in the top 10 states for drug addiction, much of that is split between opiates and meth.
  • The fourth and fifth most common drugs in Colorado are heroin and prescription opiates.
  • 1 percent of total hospital admissions were due to heroin and 7.3 percent were due to prescription opiates.
  • Overdose deaths due o heroin and prescription opiates are on the rise in Colorado.
  • Denver, Colorado ranks as the city as one of the highest rates of heroin and other opiate addiction in the state.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Like many drugs, the signs of opiate addiction are extremely subtle at first. They gradually get worse until they overwhelm your life. Seeking treatment from a Colorado methadone clinic may be one of the best ways to stop this from happening. The first step is recognizing the signs of opiate addiction. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Knowing the consequences of opiate addiction and continuing to use
  • Social and physical isolation
  • Lying to hide drug use
  • Stealing and lying in order to obtain drugs
  • Track marks
  • Nodding during normal waking hours
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you do not use
  • Anxiety when your supplies of opiates is gone or runs low
  • Mood swings and other behavioral changes
  • Poor hygiene and health

Although these are not all the signs of opiate addiction, they are some of the most common. If you are experiencing any of these signs, you need treatment. One of the most effective methods to treat is through the use of a Colorado methadone clinic.

Colorado Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Colorado

Colorado Methadone clinics offer one of the most effective treatments for opiate addiction. This is medication assisted treatment. During medication assisted treatment, you take a medication like methadone to ease withdrawal symptoms and counseling or behavioral therapy to help root out and treat the cause of the addiction.

Methadone treatment comes in two basic types. There is methadone assisted treatment as well as methadone maintenance treatment. If you suffer from only suffer from an opiate addiction and not chronic pain, methadone assisted treatment is best for you. During this type of treatment, you receive methadone through the withdrawal symptoms and then taper the drug. This is useful because by the time you taper down, you are no longer dependent on any drug.

Methadone maintenance works a bit differently. This type of treatment is for those who suffer from chronic pain. Your pain does not go away simply because you want to be off the opiates. Methadone can help you with the pain and alleviate any withdrawal symptoms you might have.

Most Colorado methadone clinics can offer you either option. Choosing the right methadone treatment program is extremely important. For more information call us we can help you by providing you options and information about each aspect of treatment.

Choosing From Many Colorado Methadone Clinics

One of the most important parts of treatment is choosing the right clinic. You need the Colorado methadone clinic that is right for you. Treatment should be personalized and suit your needs, wants, and goals. A treatment that does not follow these will not work for you. When selecting a methadone clinic, you should:

  • Talk to an addiction specialist like those at Addictins.com
  • Speak with the people who know about opiate addiction or have been through it before
  • Talk to those who are closest to you about which treatment suits you the best, an outside opinion can help
  • Ask the methadone clinic you choose about their programs, success record, and what they can do for you

Each of these things can help ensure that you find the correct treatment for your addiction.

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