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Oakland is a big city, but it has a more relaxed vibe than nearby San Francisco. Residents have the breathing room that they need to engage in a lot of DIY activities. Though every person in the city isn’t pickling, quilting, raising urban chickens, making music, and building furniture, a lot of them are. There’s an independent spirit. Sadly, Oaklanders who have an opioid addiction often feel pressed to do it themselves, as well. It can leave them isolated when what they really need is rehab, including medication like methadone.

If you or a person you love need methadone treatment, Addictions.com wants to help. We know how critical it is to get the right care, which is why we compiled all the information a person in your situation needs to navigate Oakland, CA methadone clinics. Using what we have gathered, you can evaluate your options and find the perfect fit.

Oakland Addiction Stats

  • In 2015, opioid prescriptions were written at a rate of one for every two people in Alameda County
  • The rate of opioid-related emergency room visits increased 29 percent between 2009 and 2014
  • There were 183 visits per 100,000 population for opioid-related emergencies in Oakland in 2014
  • Roughly 17,534 Alameda County residents are active injection drug users who are risking HIV and HCV infection
  • In 2008, the rate of admissions to alcohol and drug treatment for Alameda County was 617.96 per 100,000 population


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

There are psychological, emotional, and physical causes of drug abuse, and in many cases, a person experiences factors from each category at some point in their substance use. For example, an opioid abuser may abuse drugs because they have developed a physical dependency, because they are trying to calm the emotional response to a trauma, and because they have an untreated mental illness that they are self-medicating. Each user has a different set of causes at play and they may even vary from drug use to use.

Opioids cause a specific set of side effects for users. So, you may be able to identify opioid abuse by looking for:

  • Slowed breathing
  • Constipation
  • Dilated pupils
  • Lethargy
  • Nodding off
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating

There are also behavioral factors that introduce themselves after a period of regular use. These include signs like increased secrecy and failing to maintain one’s hygiene.

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VA Mental Health Clinic

2505 West 14th Street
Oakland Army Base
Oakland, CA 94607

MPI Treatment Services

3012 Summit Street
6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94609

Addiction Research and Treatment Inc

1124 International Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94606

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Getting Help in Oakland

As mentioned earlier, there are Oaklanders suffering with opioid addiction on their own because they think it is a problem they have to solve themselves. That isn’t the case. People with an addiction need formal, qualified care from a rehab center. And, in many cases they need medication-assisted treatment.

Addictions.com was founded to help people recover their lives from addiction. We know how important Oakland, CA methadone clinics are to users who need help. We want to assist you in finding a facility that matches your budget, temperament, and needs.

Choosing From Many Oakland Methadone Clinics

While evaluating Oakland, CA methadone centers, it’s vital to do your research and to look at the circumstances honestly.

  • Talk to people in recovery

    Pair your online research with personal accounts from people who have been in Oakland, CA methadone clinics. They can give you insight into these programs that isn’t available any other way.

  • Reach out

    Drug addiction is isolating. As you prepare to enter recovery, the time has come to reconnect. Be open with people you trust about your plan to utilize a methadone clinic and ask them for help researching. You can bounce your ideas off of them, and they can support you when you feel discouraged.

  • Consider location

    Methadone is dispensed to clients daily at the facility, therefore you have to travel there regularly. When you are assessing Oakland, CA methadone clinics, factor in the commute. If it is too demanding, you may stop going and end up relapsing.

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