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The biggest city in Stanislaus County, Modesto is the hometown of filmmaker George Lucas and the inspiration behind the show Happy Days. With such great influences, the town is a charming reflection of the California lifestyle.

As part of a high intensity drug trafficking area in the central valley of California, Modesto is also home to rampant opioid abuse. In the area, there are about 30 gangs that work to distribute prescription painkillers and heroin on the streets, leading to more violent crime and homicides.

If you’ve been caught in this web of opioid abuse, there is a way out. By getting help at Modesto, CA methadone clinics, you can safely and efficiently wean yourself off of heroin or prescription meds without terrible withdrawal symptoms.

Modesto Addiction Stats

  • In Stanislaus County, there were 123 ER visits in 2013 because of opioids.
  • 13 people died from opioids in Stanislaus county in 2013.
  • There were 2,029 total opioid overdose in Stanislaus county between 2006 and 2013.
  • Stanislaus County started the DROP THE DRUGS Prescription Medication Drop Box Program to collect unwanted prescription medications in 2009.
  • Heroin was the third most abused drug in Stanislaus County in 2013.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

In some cases, you might not even know that a person is taking drugs. They often work hard to conceal any noticeable signs out of embarrassment. However, in the case of opiate addiction, you’ll notice that they become irritable or depressed. They might also complain of aches, diarrhea, cold sweating, and vomiting.

There are many reasons why a person might turn to heroin. In most cases, abuse starts because of a legitimate prescription for pain or surgery. When the prescription runs out, the person has developed an addiction and will find more pills to prevent their nasty withdrawal symptoms.

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Aegis Medical Systems Inc

103 and 111 Modesto Avenue
Modesto, CA 95354

Stanislaus County (BHRS) Genesis Narcotic Replacement Therapy

800 Scenic Drive, Building 4
Modesto, CA 95350

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Getting Help in Modesto

As mentioned above, the opioid epidemic has led to the development of several gangs in the area. These gangs contribute to violent crimes and even commit robberies in order to fund their rampages. If you’ve fallen in with this sort of crowd or buy your drugs from these types of people, you might think there’s no way out.

Luckily, there is. Addiction is hard to beat, but it’s possible. At Modesto, CA methadone clinics, you’ll get the help you need to overcome it. With methadone, you are able to control your withdrawal symptoms to make weaning off of heroin easier.

Choosing From Many Modesto Methadone Clinics

The hardest part of addiction treatment is committing to a sober life. However, the second hardest part is choosing which of the Modesto, CA methadone clinics you’d like to go to.

  • Ask your friends for assistance. Your loved ones would like nothing more than to see you happy and healthy once again. That’s why they’re a great resource to turn to if you need help researching Modesto, CA methadone clinics.
  • Find a center close to home. Because methadone clinics require you to make daily visits, choose a center that’s close to your home. Otherwise, you run the risk of skipping treatment and having a relapse.

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