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Just because it is known for its produce, does not mean Fresno is all farmland. Although rich farmland is a part of this thriving city, it also has a vast metropolitan area. This metropolis is the largest in the San Joaquin Valley. None of these facts exempt it from the ever growing opiate addiction problem. If you or someone you love has a problem with opiates, one of the Fresno, CA methadone clinics might be able to help. You can find the right methadone clinic for you right here on

Fresno Addiction Stats

  • California ranks a high 15th out of all of the states in the United States for overdose deaths. Many of these deaths are due to prescription and illicit opiates.
  • In colleges like Fresno State, approximately 10 percent of the students admit to using opiates, they were not prescribed.
  • Despite no less than 4 major anti-substance abuse programs in Fresno, the rate of opiate abuse and overdose continues to increase.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

While methadone can control the signs and symptoms of opiate addiction be lessening or eliminating withdrawal, in order to end the addiction you have to find the cause. One of the primary causes of opiate abuse and addiction is chronic pain or illness. When you are prescribed powerful opiates to control pain, it is very easy to build up a tolerance and take more than your prescribed amount. This tolerance often leads to addiction. When the opiates are decreased due to high tolerance or the possibility of addiction, many people turn to illicit drugs such as heroin.

Although this is the main cause, there are others such as recreational use due to family or peer pressure and self-medication for mental illness. Regardless of the cause, one of the most reliable treatment methods is through one of the Fresno, CA methadone clinics.

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Getting Help in Fresno

Despite its progressive nature and rich culture, people in Fresno still suffer from what is considered to be one of the worst addictions possible. Those that are addicted to opiates often fear the intense period of withdrawal. Methadone alleviates most of the withdrawal symptoms so you can work on getting better rather than where your next hit is coming from. Fresno, CA methadone clinics are here to provide you with daily doses of this life saving drug. is here to provide you with the information you need to choose the right methadone clinic for you.

Choosing From Many Fresno Methadone Clinics

Unfortunately, choosing a methadone clinic is not the same as just plucking one out of the phone book. It takes some careful examination of what you need out of treatment as well as what your goals are. Talking to an addiction specialist like those at can help you. We provide all of the services and information you need to make an accurate informed decision about which methadone clinic is right for you. Each of the Fresno, CA methadone clinics is a bit different, but choosing the right one does not have to be.

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