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Conveniently located in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, Esper Treatment Center provides quality opiate addiction treatment for individuals from all across tri-state area. We specialize in a pharmacological therapeutic approach that empowers patients to make the necessary changes to create lifelong recovery success. As Erie County’s most experienced methadone clinic, we have the knowledge and understanding to effectively work with our patients through every step of the treatment process, providing top-notch care in a safe, confidential environment until the patient has transformed their life and is ready to move on from the treatment facility.

Esper Treatment Center delivers opiate addiction treatment via a team of addiction professionals who specialize in guiding individuals in need through respectful, dignified, and successful addiction treatment. Our staff of doctors, specialists, and counselors are dedicated to providing the highest level of support and service in the area, and to helping opiate-addicted individuals to free themselves from drug abuse, reach recovery success, and improve their overall health and happiness.

Addiction treatment isn’t always easy, but it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and everyone you love. At Esper Treatment Center, our services include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Support Group Attendance

Along with referrals to appropriate agencies for addressing issues such as:

  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Employment Services

As Erie County’s most experienced opiate addiction treatment facility, Esper Treatment Center helps patients overcome their addictions and reclaim their lives through step by step recovery plans that are customized to each patient’s individual situation, preferences and goals. Our Board-Certified Physicians, licensed counselors, and compassionate supporting staff are all committed to helping patients reclaim their physical, mental and emotional health, in ways that make them stronger than ever before.


At Esper Treatment Center, we understand how difficult it can be to simply reach out for help. That is why we offer a warm, welcoming environment that is prepared to get patients started on their recovery journeys the moment they walk through the door.

To alleviate withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings as patients detox from opiates, and to continue stabilizing brain chemistry and suppress cravings as treatment continues, we administer methadone and buprenorphine. Because medication is not enough to ensure a successful recovery, our treatments also include group, individual and family counseling; support group attendance, and referrals to agencies qualified to address a range of specific issues of concern to many recovering addicts.

Medication-Assisted Treatment is a therapeutic approach to opiate addiction recovery that involves using the appropriate dosages of targeted addiction treatment medications to stabilize patients so that they will be able to do the necessary self-discovery and work in counseling, while also making positive changes at home and in their personal lives. It is a comprehensive treatment approach that has become the gold standard in addiction treatment due to its proven efficacy.

Opioid drugs train addicts to keep using by hijacking the brain’s reward system and stimulating the release of unnaturally large amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls motivation and pleasure, and usually functions to reinforce survival behaviors such as eating and sleeping. The reinforcement resulting from drug use is 2 to 10 times more powerful, making the user prioritize opiates over other, healthier behaviors.

Furthermore, because most opioid drugs, including Oxycontin and heroin, are short-acting, the “high” they induce only lasts for 2 to 3 hours. This means withdrawal symptoms can begin just a few hours after the addict last used. In order to relieve those withdrawal symptoms, and because the addicts brain has been trained to seek out the drug, opiate-addicted individuals will quickly seek to use again, which continues the cycle of abuse. Over time, the brain’s reward system begins to malfunction, reducing the amount of dopamine released and switching off opiate receptors. This results in a persistent low feeling and an inability to enjoy things, including the drug of choice. At this point, addicts have to use to simply feel “normal” and function in their everyday life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment stabilizes brain chemistry and relieves the withdrawal symptoms so that patients can normalize and have the strength and energy to start the work of repairing their health and rebuilding their lives. Studies have shown that Medication-Assisted Treatment is far more effective for opiate addiction recovery than medication-free treatment programs.


Treatment for opioid addiction can be long and involved, but with a high-quality facility like Esper Treatment Center to provide the right support and program services, opiate addiction treatment can be highly successful. We formulate recovery plans on a case by case basis, designing each one to suit the patient’s unique needs. Treatment interventions included in these plans include addiction treatment medications, individual therapy, group counseling, and additional forms of recovery support.

The primary form of pharmaceutical treatment provided is methadone, a medication that has been successfully used to treat opiate dependence since 1965. A stable, blockade dose of methadone will eliminate a patient’s withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, and continue to stabilize brain chemistry and diminish drug cravings throughout treatment, so that patients are better able to facilitate the many changes they need to make in themselves and in their lives to support a long-term healthy life without drugs.

Methadone attaches to opioid receptors in the brain, preventing withdrawal and blocking the effects of other opioids, which discourages relapse, because patients will no longer be able to get high from their drug of choice. This also works to decrease the intense cravings that recovering addicts experience, without providing an addictive rush. Furthermore, methadone prevents overdose by blocking all the opiate receptors in the brain. If other opiates have no receptors to attach to, the drug is flushed from the system, unable to cause an overdose.

That being said, methadone will only protect patients from overdosing on opiates such as heroin and prescription pain medications. They will still be able to overdose on other types of drugs, such as stimulants, so patients should abstain from all drug use, both for their safety, and to facilitate recovery success.

Methadone is a long-acting opiate that remains effective for 24 to 36 hours. Once the appropriate dosage of methadone is reached, patients can regularly take their medication while safely and effectively driving, working, going to school, or engaging in social activities. Patients receiving a stable, blockade dose of methadone will not “nod off” or experience a “high” from their medication.

Buprenorphine is another medication commonly used in opiate addiction treatment. When taking buprenorphine, the recovering addict feels normal and not high, but because the brain is fooled into believing it is receiving the usual drug of choice, withdrawal symptoms do not appear. Buprenorphine also reduces cravings when taken at the appropriate dose, but if cravings do become an issue for a patient, their doctor will adjust the medication, discuss other alternatives, and/or guide patients through alternate methods of diminishing cravings.

The wide range of addiction treatment services that the Esper Treatment Center offers through its recovery programs include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Support Group Attendance
  • Group Therapy

As well as referrals to other agencies for the treatment of issues such as:

  • Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Employment


Esper Treatment Center specializes in guiding individuals addicted to opiates such as prescription pain pills and heroin through a fulfilling, successful recovery experience. Our mission is to improve patients’ standard of living, free them from the burden of substance abuse, and assist them in rebuilding their lives and reclaiming their health. By stabilizing our patients’ brain chemistry and relieving their withdrawal symptoms and cravings through medications such as methadone and buprenorphine, we provide them with the focus and support necessary to follow through with other important aspects of treatment, such as counseling and making key changes within themselves and in their lives.

We provide effective, confidential treatment in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and safety. If our patients have any needs that cannot be served by programming offered at Esper Treatment Center, we have the resources to refer them to ancillary programs and alternate agencies who can serve those concerns.

Esper Treatment Center was established to serve drug-addicted individuals who recognize the need for help, treatment, and widespread personal changes, which they are prepared to achieve through commitment to a recovery program structured to guide them towards a drug-free life. We recognize that although the responsibility for a patient’s health and wellness ultimately lies with the patient, our responsibility is to provide the education, treatment, and resources to support patients as they progress through their recovery and reach their goals.

As Erie County’s most experienced addiction treatment facility, Esper Treatment center truly understands what it takes to overcome an addiction to opiates such as heroin or prescription painkillers. As experts in the recovery process, we can effectively guide our patients towards successful outcomes by designing and then implementing a customized recovery plan that allows patients to heal the physical, mental, and emotional damage that substance abuse has inflicted on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


To assist patients in their journey to overcome addiction and improve their quality of life, the educated and experienced staff at Esper Treatment Center provide a safe, respectful, confidential environment that ensures all aspects of a patient’s recovery are addressed, whether through interventions at Esper Treatment Center, or through a referral to an ancillary program or agency. Our professional staff of counselors, specialists and doctors seek to provide a higher level of service and support than patients can find anywhere else.

Our Board-Certified Physicians and licensed counselors will create a specialized recovery plan for each patient, structured to ensure their recovery success. Esper Treatment Center has the resources and experience to help patients get their health and self-mastery back, so they can move on to experience happier, healthier, more meaningful lives.

Individuals addicted to heroin, prescription pain medications, or any other opiate drug have unique needs that should be targeted with addiction-specific interventions to ensure recovery success. Our educated, experienced and passionate treatment team understand this, and use their specialized training to provide the highest quality opiate addiction treatment in the area.


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    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3

    The admissions person I talked to on the phone was friendly and knowledgeable. She explained that they had several different programs and that they would help me decide which program was right for me

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