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Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
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Since 1989, Discovery House Woonsocket has been committed to saving people from the destruction of addiction. Our confidential, professional treatment approaches have been proven through research and experience, and are customizable, so that every patient receives high-quality, individualized care. For over twenty years we have been adapting and refining our programs and systems of care to cement our reputation as a welcoming, patient-centered, effective addiction treatment facility.

Discovery House Woonsocket provides a full spectrum of Outpatient Treatment Programs to serve individuals struggling with wide range of addictions, including addictions to heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other kinds of opiate drugs. Our mission is to provide compassionate, effective addiction care, delivered by talented specialists in the field, in a respectful facility that treats each patient like a house guest.

When addicts are ready to transform their lives and reclaim their health and happiness, Discovery House Woonsocket is prepared to partner with them in pursuit of a meaningful, healthy, drug-free lifestyle. We utilize education, community awareness and holistic clinical services in a safe, efficient and fiscally sound environment that delivers comprehensive addiction treatment services to individuals who are ready to recover from substance abuse.

All 18 Discovery House locations have been licensed by the state, and earned their full, 3-year accreditation from CARF International (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), as well as being certified by SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

CARF accreditation represents the highest achievable level of recognition, which is only awarded to organizations and facilities that show significant conformance to CARF standards, and whose practices demonstrate a pattern of excellence and efficacy that is indicated to be maintained and/or improved upon in the future. Discovery House Woonsocket continues to meet and exceed the accreditations standards set by CARF, by constructing a system that delivers successful results.


At Discovery House Woonsocket, we understand how difficult it can be to ask for addiction treatment help, and we therefore strive to make sure that patients are able to access treatment services as soon as they are ready. We are dedicated to maintaining a swift and responsive intake process.

We achieve this through immediate response. As soon as a potential patient calls in, we do everything we can to provide an intake appointment within 24 hours and appropriate medication within 48 hours. Discovery House Woonsocket works with every opiate addicted patient to guide them towards stability and normalcy, so they can reclaim their lives from substance abuse and redirect their energies to new aspirations and accomplishments.

At the intake appointment, our compassionate associates conduct an initial screening to go over all admission criteria, and then usher patients onto an efficient but thorough intake process. Discovery House Woonsocket has an experienced team of medical and clinical associates who assess patients and their needs, and work together to create an initial treatment plan to suit those needs.

New patients can expect:

  • A friendly, streamlined intake process structured to prevent or eliminate withdrawal symptoms and stabilize the patient
  • Orientation to educate patients on program policies, medical issues, HIV/AIDS information, and addiction recovery
  • Education on medications and treatments
  • Random drug screenings in compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • Ongoing medical assessments of patient response to medication
  • Take home medication once patients are eligible
  • Medical follow ups and annual physicals

At Discovery House Woonsocket, we define recovery as a journey of change that allows patients to improve health and wellness, create a self-directed life, and find ways to reach their full potential. Our mission is to support patients throughout this journey, facilitating their success.

For patients undergoing Medication-Assisted Treatment, we believe in providing medication for the shortest period of time that is also consistent with the patient’s medical considerations, individual goals, and personal recovery process. Patients who have been stabilized, have taken strides in health and social functioning, and are abstaining from alcohol and other intoxicating substances, are recognized as in recovery or recovering.

Discovery House Woonsocket understands that opioid addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing treatment that approaches the illness from a variety of angles. We believe in a sustained recovery support model similar to the management of other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes.


The range of therapeutic services offered at Discovery House Woonsocket include:

  • Medication- Assisted Treatment, both long-term detox and maintenance
  • Medical examinations
  • HIV counseling
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Referrals to other agencies as needed
  • Addiction education
  • Aftercare planning services
  • Follow-up services

The therapeutic interventions offered at Discovery House Woonsocket are designed to work in conjunction with Medicated-Assisted Treatment to facilitate recovery success. These therapy sessions are designed to give patients the opportunity to discover, process, and address the underlying mental, emotional, psychological, and social roots of their addiction.

By guiding patients towards an understanding of what initiated their substance abuse, they achieve greater self-knowledge, which gives them a greater chance of achieving long-term recovery and avoiding relapse. Discovery House Woonsocket believes in a comprehensive treatment approach that serves both the psychological and physical sides of addiction, giving patients the strength and focus needed to empower postive life changes.

Self-discovery and working on issues can be achieved through individual and group therapy. Our addiction treatment specialists have the training and experience to evaluate patients, and determine their strengths, limitations and circumstances. The frequency of therapy sessions will be set according to the treatment objectives determined during assessment. Both individual and group therapy sessions give patient a safe environment to discuss and examine their substance abuse and related issues, while benefiting from the education, compassion and coping tools necessary for successful recovery outcomes.

Individual therapy allows patients to meet with qualified counselors who will help them achieve the following:

  • Gain insights into the roots of addictive behaviors
  • Identify traumatic or abusive events that may be contributing to addictive behaviors
  • Develop new methods of handling stressful or triggering situations without abusing drugs
  • Discuss any questions or concerns patients have throughout treatment
  • Establish and evaluate personal progress toward recovery goals
  • Process recovery accomplishments and/or setbacks in a healthy manner
  • Make plans for healthy strategies the patient can use to handle situations that may tempt them to abuse opioids

Individual therapy helps patients lay a strong foundation for a drug-free life by providing them with enhanced self-awareness, stress reduction, improved self-esteem, and increased self-confidence.

Group therapy is a counseling session for multiple patients led by an experienced therapist. Group leaders are professionals who lead discussions about a variety of topics relating to addiction and the recovery process. These sessions provide patients with a safe, structured, community-based environment that will allow them to work through the psychological, emotional and behavioral aspects of self-destructive behavior with other recovering addicts who are going through the same things. Growth can be achieved from both receiving and giving support, and breakthroughs can sometimes be achieved simply by seeing the example of another patient’s achievements or challenges.

Group Therapy at Discovery House Woonsocket has the following objectives:

  • Catharsis – patients learn to let go of shame and guilt by openly sharing with other group members
  • Information – patients learn about the disease of addiction and the recovery process
  • Self-understanding – patients gain insight into thier own challenges by hearing about other patients’ accomplishments and setbacks
  • Universality – patients overcome feelings of isolation among group members by focusing on the commonality of their experiences and emotions
  • Imitative behavior – patients develop new coping techniques and perspectives by observing the positive actions of therapists along with other group members
  • Hope – patients gain inspiration from group members who have overcome challenges that they are currently facing
  • Interpersonal learning – patients learn from other group members’ experiences, and become comfortable with openly sharing their own insights
  • Cohesiveness – patients feel a sense of belonging by sharing the recovery process with others
  • Altruism – patients realize the importance of helping their fellow group members progress in recovery

There is no single, instant fix for opioid addiction. However, the comprehensive treatment provided by Discovery House Woonsocket gives patients the education, therapies, and understanding necessary for long-term recovery success.


Discovery House Woonsocket has been a premier healthcare provider specializing in Medication-Assisted Treatment for adults 18 and older since 1995. We understand the importance of targeted, proven mental health services to help individuals overcome addictions to opiates such as heroin and prescription pain pills. By utilizing life-changing medications like methadone and buprenorphine in conjunction with group and individual counseling to address addiction and mental health issues, we give patients the tools and support they need to reclaim their lives and restore optimum functioning.

Every few months, Discovery House Woonsocket randomly surveys patients to measure the success of the facility’s treatment program. Surveyed patients reported experiencing more optimism and more of a positive attitude towards life in general after beginning treatment at Discovery House Woonsocket. They also report feeling increased mental and emotional stability, as well as improved physical health. The surveyed patients reported developing deeper relationships with loved ones, and feeling more in control of their lives and addictive behaviors.

We pride ourselves in supporting our patients’ holistic recovery, guiding them towards a fulfilled, self-directed life. We believe that including family members and other loved ones in the patient’s treatment process is key to a successful recovery from opiate addiction. Substance abuse damages all aspects of an individual’s life, and therefore substance abuse treatment needs to address all of those aspects, from the social, to the physical, to the psychological.

Discovery House Woonsocket believes that patients are responsible for their own change and growth, and that our mission is to facilitate this journey for them by promoting the following treatment objectives:

  • Health: Patients learn to overcome or manage the disease of addiction, while living a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle.
  • Community: Patients create relationships and social networks that offer mutual support, friendship, hope, and love.
  • Purpose: Patients engage daily in meaningful activities such as school, work, volunteerism, family responsibilities, or creative endeavors.
  • Functionality: Patients develop the autonomy, resources, and income to participate in society.
  • Home: Patient create or maintain a safe, stable place to live.


The Discovery House Woonsocket staff is led by our Director, Peggy Sakosky, who has worked with Discovery House since 2005. She also serves as a surveyor for CARF (the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). She specializes in clinical programming.

Everyone on staff at Discovery House Woonsocket—from nurses and doctors, to counselors and support staff—is dedicated to facilitating patient recovery through comprehensive addiction treatment that utilizes individual and group counseling, education and peer support, and Medication-Assisted Treatment in customized treatment plans designed to address each patient’s unique needs and goals.


  1. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    After trying to quit using drugs several times, I called the Discovery House in Woonsocket. I had been to other rehabs and I didn’t really expect them to help me more than anyone else had, but they were different. The person I spoke with was a lot friendlier and more understanding than I expected. He really seemed to understand my situation and care about me getting better. He suggested that I use medication maintenance with methadone. I was afraid that I would just become addicted to something else; apparently it works for many people. He said that there was a good chance that I wouldn’t get sick or feel the withdrawal. He helped me to understand that I was killing myself and hurting the people I cared about. He showed me that there was a possibility to finally get drug free without having to go through the painful withdrawal that I’d experienced in the past.

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