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Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
Accommodations & Amenities 4
Meals & Nutrition 3.5


The Center for Addictive Problems (CAP) in Downers Grove has been providing Methadone Maintenance Treatment in Illinois since 1976. We are committed to making patients feel welcome and understood, providing them with quality, proven addiction treatments for heroin and pharmaceutical opioid addictions.

Heroin and pain pill addictions are quickly and effectively controlled and treated at CAP Downers Grove. Methadone Maintenance and Buprenorphine Assisted Treatment allows patients to stabilize and quit abusing their drugs of choice, so they can effectively begin working on their chemical dependency issues and any co-occurring mental health disorders.

We believe that addiction to opioids such as heroin and prescription pain pills is a treatable disease, and that individuals suffering from chemical dependency deserve the same degree of respect paid to individuals undergoing treatment for any other medical condition. Our treatment practices are founded on clinical experience and medical research, so that we use the best approaches and techniques to produce optimum patient outcomes.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) allows patients to improve or even eliminate any behavioral, social, psychological, health and vocational problems they may be suffering. MAT supports patient success by addressing physical addiction first, so that they are made capable of addressing any medical, psychological, social, family and legal issues they may have.

Accredited by the Joint Commission, CAP Downers Grove is also a member of the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (AATOD) through the Illinois Association for Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment (IAMAAT), as well as a member of the Maine Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MEATOD).


CAP Downers Grove provides a welcoming, understanding environment designed to facilitate patient success through the combined effects of addiction treatment medication and counseling for substance abuse and mental and/or behavioral health issues. Our compassionate staff have the training and resources to guide patients onto the path of recovery, and then support them on that journey.

Through evidence and research-based Medication-Assisted Therapy, CAP Downers Grove provides patients with the chance to redirect their energies from drug abuse by ameliorating withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings through medically-monitored pharmaceutical treatments, then guiding them as they engage in counseling to discover and address addiction issues and any co-occurring mental health disorders.


CAP Downers Grove specializes in Medication-Assisted Treatment, via long-term methadone and Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) treatment combined with counseling.

Methadone has been utilized as an effective treatment for heroin and other opiate addictions for fifty years. It is an opioid agonist, taken orally, which slowly works on the brain to prevent withdrawal symptoms and relieve drug cravings without producing the high that users once experienced while taking their drug of choice. It is usually dispensed daily, but patients at CAP Downers Grove can gradually earn the right to pick up their medication less frequently and administer it themselves.

Treatment with methadone causes patients to stabilize, so that their negative patterns of thought and behavior immediately start to diminish, allowing their lives to normalize and their functioning to improve, so that they can return to previously neglected goals and responsibilities related to work, school, and family. Methadone treatment also helps patients rebuild a healthier lifestyle, with better self-care, regular sleep, good exercise and nutritional food. Improvement in all areas of life tend to increase with the length of time in treatment, with the most positive changes occurring in the first year.

Much like medications prescribed for chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, methadone is not a cure for addiction. There is no one, single treatment or therapy that can magically “fix” patients suffering from an addiction to heroin or other opioid drugs. Methadone-Assisted and Methadone Maintenance Treatment have been proven effective for patients who are motivated to also work on the social, psychiatric and medical problems that often go hand in hand with addiction. Studies have shown that patients receiving methadone maintenance treatment show improved health, life expectancy and educational and vocational achievement, along with reduced drug abuse and criminal activity.

Patient success can be found through the combination of proper medication usage to treat withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, with a structured program that provides counseling sessions where patients can discover and work on addiction and mental health issues that have contributed to their self-destructive behaviors.

New patients in CAP Downers Grove’s Methadone Treatment Program are required to visit the clinic six days a week. After the first 90 days, and once they have achieved stability in treatment and have met the State and Federal requirements, patients may attend the clinic less frequently so they can administer more of their medication at home, on their own.

CAP Downers Grove provides drug abuse counseling and education along with education about Hepatitis C and HIV, and information and advice regarding the many professional and self-help programs available in the community. When possible, addiction treatment is customized to the individual patient’s unique situation and goals, and is then re-adjusted as needed throughout the patient’s recovery process. Patients are assigned a counselor, with whom they are required to meet on a regular basis to check in and monitor progress. Patients work together with their counselors to focus on issues that the patient wishes to prioritize, although there are some treatment modalities that are mandated by State and Federal regulations. If methadone maintenance proves unhelpful to the patient, staff will help them find different medications, or outside services that may be of better use.

When patients at CAP Downers Grove wish to transition to medication free recovery and they have made their wishes clear, staff will guide the patient through a gradual, medically-managed withdrawal from methadone, while providing strategies to avoid relapse.

Suboxone is a medication that contains buprenorphine and naloxone, which work together to diminish drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms without producing a high that would encourage abuse and misuse of the drug. When taken orally, in a suitable dosage, Suboxone will continue to function for 24 hours in most cases. The naloxone in Suboxone relieves withdrawal when taken appropriately, but causes immediate withdrawal symptoms when injected intravenously.

Suboxone is a long-term treatment for addiction to opiates. For patients with a minimal addiction history, the drug functions as an effective alternative to Methadone Maintenance Treatment. Voluntary Suboxone treatment varies in duration, and depends greatly upon individual patient need. Patients who have achieved stabilization find themselves able to lead healthy, productive lives, achieving goals and caring for friends and family. Patients can rebuild their health and refocus on dreams they may have abandoned when overwhelmed by their opiate addiction.

New Suboxone treatment patients receive a full assessment from a CAP Downers Grove physician on their first day, to determine and appropriate initial dose of Suboxone. Every few days after, patients will receive a new prescription between check-ins to assess any possible side effects and the patient’s individual tolerance to the medication. As soon as the patient achieves stability on a consistently appropriate dose of Suboxone, they will thereafter only be required to visit the clinic once a month, when they will provide a urine specimen for an illicit drug screening. Suboxone prescriptions are not covered by the intake fee or the monthly Suboxone Program fee. The patient pays for their medication at the pharmacy via insurance coverage, or out of pocket.

Patients in the Suboxone Treatment Program are not automatically assigned a counselor, but they can choose to receive counseling services at an additional cost.


In 1976, The Center for Addictive Problems (CAP) was founded by doctors who believed that addiction is a medical disease of the brain that has nothing to do with personality disorders or moral failings. Over time, these prescient views have been proved correct.

For many years, CAP Downers Grove has been helping addicts recover from opiate addiction through treatment based in the founder’s philosophy, which holds that every patient should ideally receive the following in their treatment process:

  • Respectful treatment
  • A pleasant, professional environment
  • Medication dosages adequate to stop opiate craving and abuse
  • The structure, support, and education required for recovery success
  • Coordination of care

We are dedicated to continually improving patient care and safety, and listening to our patients’ feedback on CAP Downers Grove’s services and performance. The resulting high quality of our care has been rewarded by an accreditation from the Joint Commission. Our mission is to provide every patient with the tools and techniques necessary to support lifelong recovery.

Other services provided include:

  • EKG Testing
  • Annual TB testing
  • Hepatitis C and HIV Education, Referral, and Liaison with Healthcare Providers
  • Twinrix Vaccination for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B
  • Flu shots
  • Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention



At CAP Downers Grove, patients benefit from a counseling staff of Bachelors and Masters level therapists, as well as counselors whose personal experiences combined with targeted technical training have made them especially well-qualified to counsel patients struggling with substance abuse. Many of our counselors are certified addiction specialists, and every professional staff member who provides clinical services at CAP Downers Grove is licensed, certified, or working towards becoming licensed or certified by:

  • IAODAPCA, in Illinois, as Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • (CADC)State of Illinois Licensure:
  • Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
  • State of Maine Licensure:
  • Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC)
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS)
  • Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Addiction Counselors

Every patient undergoing treatment in our Methadone Program is assigned a counselor who they must meet with on a regular basis for sessions and evaluations to monitor treatment progress. CAP Downers Grove understands that the key to Medication-Assisted Therapy is that methadone alone is not enough to overcome addiction. Recovering from opiate addiction requires intensive counseling and thoughtful behavioral and lifestyle changes to support long-term, drug-free health. Our counselors are trained to work with patients to modify behaviors, develop skills and set goals, and then facilitate their achievement of those goals.

Medical Director and Physicians

All physicians at CAP Downers Grove have been certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Included on staff is an Advanced Practice Nurse who works directly under the staff physicians. These physicians provide the following services:

  • Conduct physical examinations and drug abuse assessments
  • Reviewing patients’ admission lab results
  • Medical assessments and referrals
  • Psychiatric assessments when indicated
  • Methadone and Suboxone dosage management
  • Coordinate medical treatments with counselors and nursing staff
  • Coordinate medical care with outside physicians
  • Evaluation for and prescription of ancillary medication
  • Annual evaluations of treatment progress
  • Discharge planning


The nurses in the CAP Downers Grove nursing department are licensed professionals dedicated to working with ethics and integrity, while listening to patients with attention, sensitivity, understanding and respect.

Some of the many services provided by the CAP Downers Grove nursing department are:

  • A brief physical assessment, including blood work and urinalysis, for all patients upon intake
  • Free Hepatitis A & B Vaccines
  • Free Flu Inoculations
  • TB Screening
  • Dispensing medication
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Health Referrals

Support Staff

The excellence of the staff at CAP Downers Grove extends to the support staff who manage appointments, collect fees, and help patients connect with their assigned counselors when needed. They create a warm, welcoming, safe environment for everyone at the clinic. For patients with private insurance, the staff will gladly investigate the possibility of reimbursement for treatment services.


  1. ST

    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3

    My experience was a good one, after a few separate stints in rehab, this program has amazing potential. The staff is great. They helped me with a lot of underlining issues involved in my treatment

  2. Oscar

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    Before calling CAP, I had tried quitting heroin many times. It never worked for long and I always relapsed. The really sweet person on the phone told me that CAP was different, because they use methadone. That was something I’d never tried before because of all of the horror stories I had heard about it. However, the very knowledgeable and caring staff member I spoke to at CAP convinced me that it was safe and effective when used properly. After this conversation I actually believe that I can stop using heroin for good. Anyone in Illinois that has a heroin problem should call this place. They really sound like they understand how I feel and what I need to get started on my treatment

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