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What Do Meth Effects Feel Like?

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The changes the body, due to the meth effects are almost immediately after the first single use. Meth is a highly addictive substance that can give the user many different feelings, including pleasure, confidence and energy that are past a normal experience. The experiences that meth effects can lead to very unpleasant and harmful effects on their body. Since the effects of meth can be different for different users, some users may experience all or only a few of these side effects.

Deep Concentration — Confused and Frustrated

meth effects

Meth can cause an overwhelming increase in energy.

One of the most popular meth effects there is, is a deep concentration and interest in everything around the meth user. Meth has the ability to make the person have an increased self confidence and self esteem that they may not have naturally. While this may seem like a good thing, it is not. A meth user that experiences a deep interest in multiple things all at once, can also become very frustrated and confused. It is common that the person will want to do multiple tasks at once.

It is common for an meth addict to develop an obsessive compulsive disorder that will lead to to doing the same task over and over again for no reason whatsoever. When this behavior occurs, it is most commonly known has “geeking”. Geeking is a negative behavior that can turn the obsessive behavior from repeating tasks on objects to repeating harmful behaviors to the person’s body. They may start to pick at their bodies because they they think there are bugs crawling on them. When the user picks at their skin, they will pick so much that they can cause severe sores, bleeding and scars all over their body.

Sense of Empowerment — Aggression / Violent Behavior

One of the popular meth effects that many users will experience is a sense of empowerment. The person will have the illusion of being very powerful. When a person is under the influence of meth, the empowerment feeling can lead to more dangerous results such as aggression and violent behavior. The aggression and violent behavior can be taken out on innocent people such as family and friends. It is common for the meth user to encourage and pick on a person to get them to start to fight. They will also have a desire to do very dangerous activities and can cause a lot of harm on themselves and others.

Increase of Energy — Tweaking / Lack of Sleep

One of the immediate meth effects that a person can experience is the increase of energy they will have. When the person experiences the increase of energy, they will try to do multiple things at once. Like mentioned above, they will also want to do multiple tasks since their concentration levels are very high. Meth can also cause the person to not want to sleep and stay away for long periods of time. The body will sooner or later start to break down from the increase of energy and cause them to start tweaking. Once the effects of the meth start to wear off, the body will become very tired and weak. This can lead to many physical and mental health problems such as anxiety, delusions and hallucinations.