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Symptoms of Meth Abuse

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Crystal Meth (Meth) has is a stimulant drug that is named because of it’s crystal like appearance. It can be snorted or swallowed but is more commonly injected directly into the bloodstream. Crystal Meth is made from ingredients you would purchase at the drug store and although there are new laws that prohibit the sale of the items in bulk, it is still relatively easy to find the supplies necessary.

Where cocaine used to be the drug of choice for most young people, crystal meth is gaining popularity and is on the rise. Over 13 million people have used crystal meth with over 300,000 new users each year. Meth addiction is an epic problem in the United States and throughout the world which is why it has become so urgent to recognize the signs of methamphetamine addiction and seek out treatment. So how do you know if or someone you care about is addicted to crystal meth?

Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Increased energy and dilated pupils are common signs of meth abuse.

When a person is abusing stimulant drugs like crystal meth there are indicators that might help you recognize that your loved one might need to seek help for their addiction. If parents and teachers are noticing several of the below signs over a short period of time it could indicate crystal meth abuse.

  1. Increased energy or hyperactive behavior, may be unable to sit still
  2. Loss of appetite and weight loss
  3. Inability to focus-easily distracted or confused
  4. Dilated pupils-dark circles or sullen eyes
  5. Unusually talkative-Increased social interaction when usually quiet and shy
  6. Finding paraphernalia, including small mirrors, short or cut straws, pipes or smoking devices and syringes
  7. Excessive cleaning or OCD like behavior-repetitive behavior
  8. Ignoring important responsibilities like work or school
  9. Avoiding family interaction
  10. Secretive behavior, muffled telephone conversations, etc.

When someone has been abusing crystal meth they will stay up for days and days and might show manic like behavior during that time. When they run out of meth or their body has finally had enough they will crash hard and sleep for long periods of time.

Extended Crystal Meth Abuse

After abusing crystal meth for an extended period of time addicts might develop sores on their face and around their mouth that will not heal, rotten teeth, and skin irritations on their legs and arms. Sometimes they feel like bugs are crawling under their skin so they will “pick” or scratch the skin excessively.

They might lose drastic amounts of weight and look like a shadow of their former self. Lack of nutrition can lead to brittle bones and even blindness. Crystal meth is devastating to the organs and can cause long term physical problems and can even lead to cardiac arrest or respiratory failure that results in death.

Physchological Effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal meth abusers also suffer from phsychological effects and according to NIDA, ” They may display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions”. It can also cause violent or aggressive behavior and schizophrenia.

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