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Crystal Meth Addiction Facts

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  • Crystal meth addiction is marked by some of the most gruesome side effects of any drug there is.
  • Crystal meth is one of the easiest drugs in the world to make which is why use is on the rise.
  • When animals are given meth, they will continue to take the drug repeatedly until it kills them.

Crystal meth is one of the fastest growing and the most dangerous drug addictions in the world. This drug produces some of the most gruesome side effects causing meth mouth, rapid deterioration of the body, sores and lesions on the skin and an overall ill appearance in a very short amount of time. If you’re not aware of these alarming meth addiction facts, chances are you’ll be very surprised. In fact, even if you are aware of the inherent dangers of meth addiction, these meth addiction facts will likely cause a reaction even still.

Meth Addiction Facts

Crystal meth addiction sets in real quickly and the user can develop an almost immediate tolerance that continues to build and grow with each use of the drug. While the “high” that a user experiences from using crystal meth only lasts a small amount of time, the effects of the drug can linger for about half a day or so.

Crystal meth is one of the easiest synthetic drugs in the world to make. This has led to rapid increases in the level of meth addiction cases in the country and it is the number one reason why there is so much crystal meth available on the streets. In fact, clandestine labs that are used to create methamphetamine have been found in cars, hotels, homes, apartments, campgrounds and a number of other places.

The effects of crystal meth are particularly gruesome to the user. Meth mouth, the rotting of the teeth caused by the sustained use of methamphetamine is just one of the negative side effects associated with crystal meth addiction. Inflammation of the heart lining can also occur causing stroke, heart attack or other serious health complications. Weight loss is a major concern when an individual is addicted to crystal meth and hyperthermia or overheating is also a serious concern. Visually, meth users may have sores all over their faces or skin and this can make the individual look as if he or she is near death.

Studies have found that when animals are given crystal meth they react by using the drug repeatedly until it actually kills them. The animal will continue to take the drug, over and over again, and the toxic chemicals will ultimately result in the complete demise of the animal. Similar methamphetamine use has been exhibited in people. This is one of the most alarming meth addiction facts!

Methamphetamine is made out of some of the most toxic chemicals found in the cleaning cabinet. Most people consider the chemicals used to make meth toxic just to touch let alone to eat, breathe, inject, smoke or snort. The ingredients found in a common batch of crystal meth include lye, lighter fluid, brake fluid, liquid drano, battery acid, and a number of other dangerous substances.

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