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Methods of Treatment for Meth Addiction

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Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and harmful stimulant that creates a rush of confidence and energy, giving the user a false sense of happiness and well-being. Also known as meth or crystal, the drug can lead to physical and psychiatric problems such as heart and brain damage. It’s important to find help right away, rather than waiting until the consequences of addiction become severe. If you or someone you love is using, take a look at these treatments for meth addiction to get on the road to recovery.


Methods of Treatment

Meth addiction recovery is possible; many methods of treatment exist.

Former counseling is considered to be an effective treatment for meth addiction. Counseling, whether one-on-one, in small groups, or with your family, often includes exercises that help users increase their self awareness and awareness of how their drug use affects others. Such counseling can be highly effective in treating meth addiction.

Family counseling helps loved ones to understand what you are going through, and how they can help. Dealing with meth addiction can be a very trying process, and it is important to have support along the way. Individual counseling is important, too, as it gives users an open but private environment to discuss their use, its potential causes, and its effects.

Behavioral Therapy

Councilors help to identify patterns in thought and behavior that lead to drug use. By identifying triggers, or things that lead to drug use, you can better cope with cravings and prevent relapse. You can turn your thoughts and cravings into productive behaviors and adopt new and healthy lifestyle choices.

Contingency Management (CM)

A type of behavioral therapy, contingency management includes using positive and negative reinforcement to help you stop using meth and start doing more productive and positive things. CM can be employed by using coupons and other rewards for certain behaviors or periods of time spent drug-free. Drug testing is usually a part of CM as it allows the counselor to monitor drug use.

Support Groups

Support groups are another way of dealing with meth addiction. Meeting with people who share your problem can help by providing an open, non-judgmental forum for discussion. Users who have reached their treatment goals often continue attending group meetings throughout their lives to prevent relapse. Specific to meth users, Crystal Meth Anonymous can be of help here.

12-Step Therapy

Twelve-step therapy has been established for the treatment of many different types of addiction and is often promoted in counseling and support groups. This treatment for meth addiction involves admitting that you have a problem, believing that a higher power is there to help you recover, and seeking help within yourself and from the higher power.

Matrix Model

The Matrix Model is a method of treatment for meth addiction that combines some of these approaches. It includes therapy, education, urine monitoring, and positive reinforcers, usually over a period of at least six months.


Medicinal therapy is another, less used option for treatment of meth addiction. A drug substitution therapy, such as methadone for heroin users, is not generally available for meth users. What are available, though, are medicines to help ease symptoms of withdrawal and to treat mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, which may be related to meth use. Research is currently underway to find a drug substitution therapy for meth addiction.

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