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How Long is Crystal Meth Rehab?

Once meth addicts reach the point where it’s time to get help, they realize something’s got to change in their lives. Crystal meth addictions, in particular, essentially strip away a person’s sense of self and purpose. After so long, users start to “see the writing on the wall,” at which point death or rehab become the only viable options.

The length of time a person spends in crystal meth rehab pretty much depends on the severity of the addiction. The longer a person uses the more damage done to brain and body functions. Upon entering crystal meth rehab, crystal meth’s aftereffects become the focus of treatment.

As with any type of addiction, recovery entails a process of healing and developing a new mindset. When all is said and done, there are no shortcuts. In order to recover from crystal meth addiction, a person must be willing to do what it takes to get well. With this approach in mind, crystal meth rehab can provide recovering addicts with the tools and supports needed for living a drug-free life.

Crystal Meth’s Aftereffects

Crystal Meth Rehab

The length of rehab depends on your particular situation.

While a successful detox recovery is an essential first step in the recovery process, crystal meth’s aftereffects can persist for six months or longer; even in cases where a person only uses the drug one time. In terms of ongoing or long-term use, these after-effects operate on both a physical and psychological level.

Drug addiction works as a chronic disorder that requires a long-term treatment approach as opposed to a one-time treatment solution. Crystal meth rehab entails a step-by-step treatment process where addicts work through the various effects of addiction in their lives. Approaching crystal meth rehab from this standpoint enables a person to better manage the ups and downs of the recovery process.

Treatment Stages

As different people enter crystal meth rehab at different stages of addiction, the type of treatment a person needs depends on his or her individual treatment needs. For people at the early stages of addiction, a stay in a detox center followed by a one-month inpatient program may be enough, though ongoing outpatient treatment afterward will likely be necessary.

People coming off long-term addictions often require both medical and psychological help, in which case two to three months of inpatient care may be warranted. Regardless of the severity of addiction, most addicts will require ongoing counseling and psychotherapy as part of the recovery process.


Recovering addicts have the best chance of a successful recovery when they take the time to work through the roots of their addiction problems in treatment. Thinking the worst of the addiction problem is dealt with in detox sets a person up for relapse and makes the recovery process that much more difficult.

For many in recovery, the living environments they return to offer little to no support in terms of maintaining abstinence from drug use. Under these circumstances, sober living homes may be the next best step after leaving inpatient treatment.

Ultimately, people in recovery must make a determined effort to stay engaged in the crystal meth rehab process in order to overcome the effects of addiction on their lives.

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