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Importance of Counseling in Methamphetamine Recovery

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Methamphamines are powerful psychostimulant drugs that are most often used to get high. Drugs like Crystal Meth are illicit drugs that are sold on the street. Drugs like Ritalin are prescribed by doctors to treat learning disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder. Methamphetamines are often abused by teenagers and young college students because it is very easy to obtain. It’s as easy as telling your parents that you’re having a hard time focusing at school or looking in your best friend’s medicine cabinet.

Because of the way methamphetamines effect the brain it can be easy to become addicted. Methamphetamines give you a boost in energy when taken in lower doses. People taking methamphetamines often use them before going to clubs, raves or parties which usually take place after hours in the middle of the night after a long day at school or work or even both for some.

In the beginning, taking methamphetamines seems like all fun and games but that can turn into something much darker and much harder to shake than one might expect.

Methamphetamines are easy to build a tolerance to and people develop dependencies to drugs like meth very quickly. If an addiction or dependence occurs it is recommended to seek therapy from a professional drug treatment center before trying to stop using them on your own.

Methamphines make you feel good because of the way they effects the levels of dopamine in the brain. When the drug is absent the brain has a hard time adjusting back to it’s normal levels. It causes disturbing psychological withdrawal symptoms that last much longer than the physical symptoms.

As you can imagine without the extra lift that drugs like meth provide, it can cause severe depression and sadness. It even makes some people suicidal because they simply can’t imagine living in such a dark world. Drug treatment programs combine medical therapy and behavioral therapy to help your mind and body to be whole again.

Importance of Counseling in Methamphetamine Recovery

Methamphetamine Recovery

Counseling helps people work through the effects and causes of their meth addiction.

Completing the detox process is a very important part of methamphetamine recovery. Detox is ridding the body of the drugs and toxins that are making you sick. However, detox alone is not enough. Studies show that to achieve long term recovery, especially with drugs like methamphetamines, counseling and behavior therapy is vital.

Both inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation centers have certified counselors on staff. Counseling sessions are offered in both individual and group settings. The brain is fragile during recovery. Even long after the physical symptoms have stopped the psychological withdrawals symptoms can persist. It causes irritability, agitation, anxiety and irrational and sometimes compulsive behavior.

Some even suffer psychosis during this time. They suffer a complete mental break-down where they see and hear things that do not exist. They can suffer paranoia and delusional behavior. Some might not sleep for days on end and others might sleep for days at a time. It’s a frightening experience without help.

Post Withdrawal Symptoms

The long term psychological side effects associated with the use of methamphetamines are called post-withdrawal symptoms. The psychosis, insomnia, hypersomnia, anxiety and paranoia can last for months. There are new medications that are showing positive results in treating the symptoms. Bupropion, marketed as Welbutrin, offers promise as an anti-addiction medication for several illicit drugs”, however, counseling and behavioral therapy are still thought to be the most effective way to control the symptoms. You should contact your doctor before trying to stop using methamphetamines or other drugs on your own.

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