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Effective Meth Addiction Treatment

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Traditional treatments are often not effective for those suffering from meth addiction.  Meth specific treatment programs have been designed to provide meth addicts with effective meth addiction treatment that places a strong focus on the psychological healing required for those who have abused the psychoactive drug known as methamphetamine for a prolonged period of time.  Various approaches to treatment have been found to help including behavioral treatment and therapy, the matrix model, counseling and support groups.  Ultimately, effective meth addiction treatment will utilize a combination of these methods of care to provide a solid foundation for which the user can focus on his or her recovery.

Matrix Model

Meth Addiction Treatment

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Because meth addiction is not characterized by extreme physical withdrawal symptoms, many addicts recover well when they are treated using a method of treatment widely known in substance abuse and addiction treatment centers as the Matrix Model.  This is a method of intensive outpatient treatment that focuses on providing a specialized approach to stimulant abuse and dependence which uses relapse prevention, social support, self-help programs and random urinalysis to help keep patients encouraged to work toward recovery and to remain abstinent from drug use.

Therapists function as both the teacher and the coach in the Matrix Model treatment and they provide a positive environment in which the recovering addict can learn new behaviors, prevent old habits, heal from past problems and overcome the challenges associated with their recovery from methamphetamine addiction.

Behavioral Treatment

There is an increased need for behavioral treatment and therapy for those suffering from meth addiction.  Crystal meth breaks down the psychological well-being of the individual more rapidly than many other drugs ever could.  This leads to an increased need for behavioral and psychological changes.  Effective meth addiction treatment that utilizes behavioral treatment can help to reduce drug cravings, prevent relapse, teach the addict how to control his or her reaction to thought processes that would otherwise lead to drug use and keep the user on the right path to recovery.


No effective meth addiction treatment is complete without counseling.  Family counseling, individual counseling, group counseling and peer support are all common in effective meth addiction treatment.  Even the Matrix Model which has been proven effective at helping to treat meth addiction utilizes counseling in various forms to help the recovering addiction to heal.  Each case of addiction is different and may require different types of counseling.  In most cases, a combination of both individual and various forms of group counseling is found to be the most effective treatment overall.

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