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Benefits of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

The National Drug Intelligence Center describes crystal meth as a dangerous drug capable of causing serious mental and physical problems for those who abuse it on a regular basis. Because of its immediate effects on brain function, crystal meth (also known as methamphetamine and crank) can cause considerable damage whether used on a short- or long-term basis.

Crystal meth addiction treatment programs specialize in helping recovering addicts overcome the effects of meth and start the process of rebuilding their lives. Crystal meth addiction treatment offers relapse prevention strategies, ongoing supports and the types of life management skills needed to remain drug-free for the long-term.

Meth Addictions

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Treatment can help you live a meth-free life!

Crystal meth acts as a psychoactive stimulant within the body’s central nervous system. This effect allows the drug direct access to the brain’s pleasure and reward center. A typical meth high can last for up to 12 hours. Within this time, large amounts of dopamine release into the central nervous system. After days, weeks or months of using, brain nervous system functions have undergone significant damage.

When a person decides to stop using, crystal meth addiction treatment makes it possible to follow-through on this decision in the face of uncomfortable withdrawal effects. Without the help of crystal meth addiction treatment, the high likelihood of relapse makes recovery all but impossible to achieve.

Identify Treatment Needs

Upon entering a crystal meth addiction treatment program, a person goes through a fairly comprehensive assessment process to determine:

  • The severity of the addiction
  • Health needs
  • Psychological needs
  • Rehabilitation needs

The information gathered during the assessment process forms the basis for a person’s treatment plan. As many entering recovery have lost jobs, relationships and even homes, crystal meth addiction treatment also addresses a person’s rehabilitation needs to help ensure a successful recovery path.

Relapse Prevention

Unfortunately, the potential for relapse remains an ongoing risk for recovering addicts. For this reason, much of the time spent within a crystal meth addiction treatment program centers around helping recovering addicts develop effective relapse prevention strategies.

Relapse prevention strategies involve:

  • Understanding how crystal meth use affects the mind and body
  • Learning how to overcome drug cravings
  • Identifying the things that trigger the urge to use

Through support group work, psychotherapy and group counseling each participant develops a new mindset towards drugs and the role it’s held in their lives. Crystal meth addiction treatment teaches recovering addicts how to counteract addiction’s pull using healthy coping strategies.

Inpatient Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One

Life Management Skills

Crystal meth addiction treatment teaches recovering addicts the life management skills needed to remain in recovery and develop healthier, productive lifestyles. A stable, reliable support network plays a big part in ensuring the supports and guidance a person needs are always available. A healthy support network includes a twelve-step program support group, ongoing psychotherapy and group counseling work.

Crystal meth addiction treatment programs can also assist recovering addicts with job placement and vocational training needs. Many treatment programs work in partnerships with community businesses to help people in recovery get back on their feet.

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