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22 Reasons to Choose Inpatient Meth Addiction Treatment

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Methamphetamine is condensed form of amphetamine. According to the National Library of Medicine, it is a highly addictive form of amphetamine. It is extremely difficult to get off meth once you are addicted to it because of its powerful stimulant and euphoric effect. Most people struggle to get off meth on their own. Inpatient rehab is an excellent way to both avoid the most devastating effects of meth addiction and stop using it. There are many reasons you should consider inpatient meth addiction treatment as an option.

Reasons to get off Meth

Most people get off meth because they are tired of what it does to them. A few of the things they get tired of are:

  1. The desperation – people on meth are desperate for their next fix. They will do almost anything to avoid going off the drug. It becomes a never-ending cycle of seeking the drug out, using it, and desperately trying to find more of it.
  2. The paranoia – meth makes you paranoid. You become suspicious and scared of everything around you, until there is nothing left to not be scared of. The threat of arrest, exposure, not having meth, along with everything else starts to wear on your mind.
  3. The anxiety – along with the paranoia comes the anxiety. Most people describe the anxiety as something that never stops. It is a low fight or flight feeling in the bottom of your stomach. This anxiety is sometimes enough to make people feel or seem crazy.
  4. The constant need for movement – many people describe meth users as twitchy. This constant twitching is a side effect of the drug.
  5. The rotten teeth – meth mouth is the rotting of teeth in a specific pattern. They split and rot away due to dry mouth and grinding. A person constantly using meth quickly loses their teeth and their gums begin to decay as well.
  6. Not being able to feel pleasure – meth damages the pleasure centers in the brain causing you to not feel pleasure the same way anymore. Although this comes back with treatment, the loss of pleasurable feelings is one of the main reasons why people seek treatment.
  7. The crash is overwhelming – the only thing you fear more than not having meth is crashing when you start to come down. The extreme fatigue and depression that follows meth use is something you avoid at all costs.
  8. Most of your friends use – you realize that most of your friends are usually using meth. All of your old friends are off living their lives while you are getting high.
  9. Meth is all you think about – your life is a never ending cycle of finding drugs, using drugs, and getting high.
  10. Your family has threatened you – your family constantly complains about your behavior or the fact that your using meth.
  11. You are tired of having to hide your drug habit – when you abuse meth, you find yourself constantly hiding it and sneaking around behind your loved one’s backs. They might even have confronted you about it.

Reasons for Meth Addiction Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Meth Addiction Treatment

Without inpatient meth addiction treatment you will likely relapse.

Although the reasons to get off meth are often enough to spark the desire to stop using, there are some reasons to choose an inpatient treatment plan instead of simply trying to quit by yourself.

  1. Relapse rate – without a comprehensive treatment plan, the relapse rate for someone addicted to meth is considerably higher than it is with a treatment plan. The plan of action helps you stay on track when you are coming off the drug.
  2. Medication management – although there is no medication that is specifically approved to treat meth withdrawal, doctors can combine medications to make the symptoms a lot more tolerable.
  3. Individual counseling – according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a comprehensive treatment program that includes counseling has a much higher success rate than one that does not.
  4. Group counseling – the benefits of group counseling are widely known. Being able to share your struggles with someone who has had similar experiences and knows what you are going through is invaluable to recovery.
  5. People who understand – when you are going to treatment, there are people who care about your recovery and understand what you are going through. From the doctors to the people in your support group, they understand what is happening and how best to help you.
  6. Being away from your normal environment – inpatient treatment is a residential treatment. You live at the facility while you are in recovery. This means you are out of your normal environment and isolated from the drug use.
  7. You learn how to deal with your triggers before facing them – counselors will help you identify what in your environment that causes you to use drugs. They will also teach you how to deal with those triggers.
  8. You have the chance to work on your addiction without distractions – in an inpatient environment you can focus on the addiction without having outside influences distract you from overcoming it.
  9. You can engage in alternative treatments – many rehab centers have yoga, massage, aquatics, and other alternative treatments for you to take advantage of.
  10. There is dietary counseling – you can learn how to eat well and regain some of the health you lost while using.
  11. You learn healthy lifelong habits – inpatient rehab helps retrain some of the habits that made you start using meth in the first place.

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