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10 Reasons to Seek Treatment for Your Addiction

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According to the National Library of Medicine, drug addiction or substance use disorder is a devastating disease. The effects of addiction are not only ravaging to the person experiencing the addiction, it often destroys their lives and the lives of their family as well. There are thousands of reasons to seek treatment for an addiction.

1. You can Lose Your Life

Reasons to Seek Treatment

Drug abuse can cause memory loss and psychosis.

Many addictions rapidly become life threatening. Many drugs cause damage to the:

  • circulatory system
  • respiratory system
  • reproductive system
  • urinary system
  • digestive systems

Almost every system in the body is affected when someone is addicted to most illegal and prescription drugs on the market today.

2. You Can Lose Your Family

Although family is usually extremely understanding of drug addiction and family bonds are often reparable, sometimes they are not. Divorce and separation are common for people who abuse drugs. The resulting loss is often devastating for both the family and the addict once they recover.

3. You can Lose Your Job

One of the first issues you might encounter is losing your job or the threat of job loss due to tardiness and missed work. When you use drugs, your work performance also decreases. There are not many jobs where all of these factors will not cause you to lose your job.

4. You can Lose your Mind

Most illicit narcotics begin to damage your brain very quickly. The side effects listed for many drugs are memory loss and psychosis.

5. You can Lose your Memory

Many of the drugs on today’s market cause memory loss. In many cases this memory loss is permanent because the drug shuts down the organ that records short term memories.

6. You can Lose your Freedom

The legal problems from a drug arrest are extensive. They can take years to completely clear up. Most mandatory drug sentences are for five years or longer. Imprisonment on drug offenses can cause lasting consequences for everyone involved.

7. You can Lose your Rights

With the loss of your freedom, you can also lose your rights. When you go to prison for a drug or other conviction you can lose your right to vote, participate in civic activities, and the right to own a firearm among other things.

8. You can Lose your Motor Skills

Many drugs cause impaired motor skills and other such issues. Some of them cause permanent damage to motor skills.

9. You can Overdose on Drugs

An overdose happens when you take too much of one drug or combine too many drugs or alcohol. This is a serious condition and people often die of overdoses. An overdose requires medical attention and hospitalization.

10. You Need to Get Help

Drugs do all of these things to your body and a lot more. You need to treatment now before these effects become serious. For more information about getting treatment, including types of treatment, centers call 800-654-0987. We can help you conquer addiction.

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