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Addiction Treatment

10 Signs You Need Pot Addiction Treatment

Last updated: 04/30/2019
Author: Medical Review

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Despite popular opinions to the contrary, marijuana is addictive. Multiple scientific studies have shown that it has the ability to produce dependence, which leads to addiction. Here are 10 signs that you need pot addiction treatment.

1. Do you Crave Pot?

Pot Addiction Treatment

If you use pot to cope with a mental disorder, you need professional treatment.

Thinking about using a drug all of the time is a sure sign of addiction. You may try to convince yourself that you only want it to get through some stress or a difficult day, but the fact is you have an addiction and need to seek treatment.

2. Do you Smoke to Wake Up in the Morning?

If you feel that you cannot start your day without smoking a joint or taking a hit from the bong, you are showing clear signs of pot addiction that requires professional help. Any illegal drug that you cannot control or stop yourself from doing first thing in the morning indicates a serious problem.

3. Have you Tried to Stop Smoking Pot and Failed?

According to the National Library of Medicine, pot smokers that have developed a dependence may find it very difficult to quit without some form of interventional treatment. This is because of the ways that marijuana affects the brain. It creates a pleasure reaction that changes the pleasure receptors in the brain.

4. Have Your Friends or Family Asked you to Stop Smoking Pot?

When your habit reaches the point that those who care most about you are becoming alarmed by it, it is time to seek help. This is a clear sign that your addiction is creating a problem in your life.

5. Do you Avoid Activities where you Cannot Smoke Marijuana?

Withdrawing from enjoyable activities, social situations, and responsibilities that prevent you from smoking pot shows that it has become the most important thing in your life.

6. Have you Noticed Changes in your Memory or Ability to Think?

One of the long term effects of marijuana abuse is the deterioration of short-term memory and higher brain function. Getting treatment can reverse some of this damage and prevent it from getting worse.

7. Do you Experience Withdrawal When you Cannot Smoke?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana addiction is very real, and people suffering from may have withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit. Addiction treatment can help with these symptoms and get you onto the road to recovery.

8. Have you Encountered Legal Problems Because of your Pot Use?

Marijuana is an illegal substance, the possession, transport, and sale of it come with very serious legal consequences. Not to mention the possibility of legal trouble from driving under its influence. Getting treatment can help eliminate these risks, and may even reduce associated punishments already handed down.

9. Are you Using Marijuana to Cover a Mental Illness?

Drug use and mental illness frequently go hand in hand. Instead of attempting to self-medicate, you should seek addiction treatment that will address both your substance abuse and mental disorders.

10. Do you Feel you Need Addiction Treatment?

If you have any thought at all that you may need addiction treatment, then chances are you do. Do not wait for the effects of pot to permanently damage your brain or ruin your life.