Choosing the Best Inpatient Desoxyn Rehab Center

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Desoxyn addiction is serious. Many people don’t know that methamphetamine is available through prescription and though it is legally obtainable in this form and has a medical application, it is no less addictive than illicit methamphetamine. If you are struggling with a Desoxyn addiction, you need inpatient Desoxyn addiction rehab.

Used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Desoxyn alters the amount of specific natural substances in your brain. It is a stimulant and it can help you to remain focused, increase your capacity to pay attention, and regulate behavior problems. Desoxyn may also be prescribed for narcolepsy, obesity, and depression that has proven resistant to other medications.

Desoxyn use poses a number of dangers. Abuse can lead to paranoia or hostility and may even cause stimulant psychosis. If you increase your dosage, you may develop an irregular heartbeat or a high body temperature. It is also possible to experience seizures or heart failure.

To avoid these risks, you need to break your addiction, but that can feel impossible. It’s time to choose an inpatient treatment option that can help you succeed. You likely have a lot of questions and our experts have all of the answers.

Inpatient Desoxyn Rehab

Desoxyn withdrawal can cause psychotic symptoms that can only be adequately treated in inpatient rehab.

Should I Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

You will need to stop using Desoxyn before you undergo treatment and to best deal with that, you should participate in a detox program. When withdrawals set in, it is best that you be under the continuous care of professionals.

You may not know it, but studies show that acute withdrawal from methamphetamine causes depressive and psychotic symptoms, in addition to physical ones, and it causes cravings that last for at least five weeks. If you are out in the world coping with these symptoms, you are extremely likely to relapse. An inpatient care center will manage the symptoms of withdrawal and help you to get past them safely.

Further, if you began using Desoxyn as a genuine prescription for a condition you struggle with, you still need that condition addressed. It can’t be ignored during addiction treatment. An inpatient treatment program will be able to treat both your ADHD or insomnia or depression and prevent your co-occurring condition and addiction from negatively affecting one another.

Is Residential Care the Right Choice for My Desoxyn Addiction?

When you are in residential care, you do not leave the inpatient program for any reason. This has the double benefit of eliminating many of the stressors that led to your nonmedical use of Desoxyn and preventing you from accessing and using the drug. This is the only type of addiction rehab that can do both of these things continuously and reliably.

How Long Should I Choose to Remain in Treatment?

Because of the difficulty users have in breaking their methamphetamine addiction, you will need to choose long-term treatment. You should not agree to attend any program that is less than 28 days in length. This time span of treatment will allow you to detox and get you through most of the period of cravings.

If you have a particularly severe co-occurring condition, you may need a longer treatment period. The same may be true if you have a lot to work through in therapy or your addiction is extreme and requires intensive medical and psychological care. If these scenarios are present in your case, consider extending your treatment to 60 or 90 days.

Should I Choose to Go Out-of-State for Desoxyn Addiction Treatment?

Desoxyn addiction can be difficult to treat and you will need to go to an inpatient program with a proven record of success. If that happens to be out-of-state, you should consider it. But, you should also remember that insurance policies tend not to cover out-of-network treatment centers.

You need to weigh the potential program against its potential cost because rehab can be expensive. Don’t let cost stand in your way, but if there is an equally effective program with a lower cost, that may be the wiser choice.