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Choosing the Best Inpatient Darvocet Rehab Center

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Darvocet, one of the many prescription opiate drugs on the market, produces pain-relieving effects capable of treating conditions involving mild to moderate pain symptoms. As with all opiate-based drugs, Darvocet’s effects place users at considerable risk of abuse and addiction.

Unlike other opiate drugs, Darvocet not only carries a high abuse/addiction risk, but has also been linked to heart arrhythmia conditions. Consequently, Darvocet was pulled off the market in November 2011, according to the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Inpatient Darvocet rehab centers treat the most severe forms of opiate addiction, whether they involve Darvocet, heroin or any other type of opiate drug. Ultimately, choosing the best inpatient Darvocet rehab center has as much to do with what any one program has to offer as it does your individual treatment needs.

Darvocet Addiction’s Effects

Physical Effects

Like most all other opiates, Darvocet binds to neurotransmitter-producing cells in the brain and forces the release of excess amounts of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. According to California State University, these chemicals regulate major functions throughout the body, including breathing, mood states and digestion.

Over time, the physical effects of Darvocet disrupt the brain’s chemical pathways, leaving them dependent on the drug to produce needed neurotransmitter materials. These developments lay the groundwork for Darvocet addiction to take hold.

Psychological Effects

Inpatient Darvocet Rehab

Darvocet addiction can destroy your physical and mental health.

The psychological effects of Darvocet develop gradually as the drug takes over the brain’s chemical system. In effect, chemical imbalances grow increasingly worse to the point where the areas of the brain regulating cognition, impulse control and emotions fall prey to the effects of the drug.

At this point, Darvocet has a direct impact on a person’s thinking processes and emotions, creating a state of psychological dependence. When this happens, compulsive drug-using behaviors start to take over a person’s life.

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The Purpose of Inpatient Treatment


It’s not uncommon for long-time addicts to develop chronic medical conditions or full-blown psychological disorders as a result of drug abuse. Inpatient Darvocet rehab centers specialize in treating the worse cases of addiction, so people who require this level of care often come upon it during times of crisis or emergency, such as overdose incidents or cardiac arrest.

For these reasons, stabilization becomes a necessary first step for many who enter an inpatient program.


Any treatment program worth its salt will assess and evaluate a person’s condition before attempting any form of drug treatment. The best inpatient Darvocet rehab centers conduct an extensive assessment and evaluation process to determine any and all areas of need, be they physical, psychological or addiction-based.

Areas addressed during the course of the assessment include:

  • Length of time using drugs
  • Poly-drug use considerations
  • Medical history
  • Mental health history
  • Presence or absence of a support system
  • Family medical/mental health history
  • Family history of substance abuse
  • Drug treatment history

Treatment Duration

Treatment duration can play a critical role in your recovery outcome, especially in cases of severe addiction. Ultimately, your overall condition upon entering drug treatment should be a deciding factor when choosing the best inpatient Darvocet rehab center.

Inpatient treatment programs vary in length, ranging from 3-day stays to 90-day stays. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, the greater the effect addiction has on a person’s quality of life, the longer the treatment duration should be.

Qualities of the Best Inpatient Darvocet Rehab Centers

Licensing & Accreditation

Drug treatment programs can employ any number of treatment approaches, some of which may be well-documented and proven, while others may not. According to the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services, qualified treatment programs use evidence-based practices, which help ensure standards of treatment are followed.

For these reasons, the best inpatient Darvocet rehab centers adhere to all state licensing and accreditation requirements for their programs as well as for their staff members.

Individualized Treatment Planning

As a general rule, successful treatment outcomes rely heavily a program’s ability to address specific treatment needs. According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, a person’s individual treatment needs should determine the course of treatment taken.

A quality inpatient Darvocet rehab center develops treatment plans based on the information gathered during the assessment process. In effect, treatment plan goals and objectives should correspond with identified treatment needs.

Aftercare Planning

While the majority of people entering inpatient treatment have gone through drug treatment before, the inpatient treatment experience is designed to provide a person with a solid foundation for maintaining a drug-free lifestyle. While effective, the inpatient phase still acts as a new beginning in the recovery process.

In this respect, the best Darvocet inpatient rehab centers draw up an aftercare plan for each person in order to ensure he or she has the necessary treatment supports in place once he or she completes the program.

Treatment Success Outcomes

While each person entering drug treatment presents with a unique set of problems, the way a treatment program assesses and addresses each case has a huge bearing on the treatment outcome. Programs that employ an effective treatment approach will have a solid track record in terms of successful treatment outcomes.

Likewise, the best inpatient Darvocet rehab centers should be able to provide you with evidence of their treatment effectiveness through recommendations from respected organizations, such as the Association for Addiction Professionals or ratings results from third-party ratings agencies.

Payment Options

Considering how addiction affects people from all walks of like, established drug treatment programs have the capability of offering a range of payment options to their clientele. The best inpatient Darvocet rehab centers offer several types of payment options, including:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Income-based payment options
  • Monthly payment options

Treatment Considerations

The decision to enter inpatient treatment is hard enough without having to choose between so many different programs. That being so, choosing the best inpatient Darvocet rehab center for you greatly increases your chances of success in recovery and save you much pain and heartache in the long run.

If you or someone you know are considering inpatient treatment and need help finding a program that meets your needs, please feel free to call our toll-free helpline at 800-654-0987 to speak with one of our addictions specialists.

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