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Choosing the Best Inpatient Clonazepam Rehab Center

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Clonazepam rehab is necessary for those who have been abusing their or someone else’s medication, often prescribed under the brand name Klonopin, which is meant to help treat seizures and panic disorders. Especially if you have decided to attend inpatient care, it is important to choose the best residential clonazepam rehab center for your individual needs.

If you call 800-654-0987 today, we can help you find a clonazepam rehab program that will cater to your specific situation and allow you to recover as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment for Clonazepam Addiction?

According to the National Library of Medicine, clonazepam is a highly intense, benzodiazepine medication that should never be taken in a way differently than prescribed. Unfortunately, many people do so anyway, and the drug creates a dangerous addiction syndrome, one that can lead to

Inpatient Clonazepam Rehab

Clonazepam withdrawal can be deadly and often requires inpatient care.

  • Severe and sometimes deadly overdose
  • Psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be deadly
  • Heightened anxiety or worsening seizures in those who originally took the medication to treat these issues
  • Temporary psychosis

As stated by the medical journal Psychiatric Quarterly, those with a likelihood of high psychiatric severity, which is incredibly common in benzodiazepine abusers, will need inpatient care. In addition, if you do not have a strong, stable home life or social support system, inpatient care is likely the best fit for you.

What Should My Program Offer?

The rehab program you choose should offer you the treatments, accommodations, and benefits that are necessary for your safe recovery. In order to find out what these are, you must consider your needs as a patient as well as certain needs that may have nothing to do with your addiction at all.

For example, if you suffer from panic attacks, you will need treatment for this co-occurring disorder, as it likely interacts with your addiction. Your withdrawal symptoms will require medical treatment as well. In addition, you may want to consider whether or not you will need further accommodations, like a private room, a Spanish-speaking staff, etc.

Choosing the best inpatient rehab program means

  • Finding a facility that offers all the treatment options and arrangements you require
  • Feeling comfortable with the environment and the surroundings of your facility
  • Feeling cared for by the clinicians at the facility, as it is their job to create a therapeutic relationship with patients so they will stay in treatment longer (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

How Do I Find Clonazepam Rehab?

You can find safe, reliable inpatient programs by calling 800-654-0987. Once you know what you will require from your facility, we will help match you to a program that offers these necessities and allows you to safely attend treatment in a controlled environment. In addition, you can also ask other individuals for help in finding inpatient programs and choosing the right one for your needs, including your personal physician, your friends and family members, your sponsor, or your employer (as many businesses provide Employee Assistance Programs for individuals struggling with addiction).

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Best Option?

The best way to know if you have found the right inpatient rehab option for your clonazepam recovery is to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Call the facility. When you call, the individual you speak with will likely take down some of your information, including your substance use history, your insurance, etc. Make sure to ask any relevant questions you may have, including, “Which treatment options does your facility offer,” “Will your program take my insurance,” and “What are your accreditation?”
  2. Take a tour. When you tour the facility, try to imagine yourself living there for an extended period of time. Make sure the facility itself is soothing, clean, and will allow you to self-reflect and heal comfortably.
  3. Talk to the staff. It can be very helpful, during your tour, to be able to sit down with the healthcare provider(s) you will be working with during your recovery and to see if you have an easy rapport with them and feel comfortable with them.

If all of these steps satisfy you, it is likely that you have found the best inpatient clonazepam rehab center for your particular situation.

Choosing Inpatient Clonazepam Rehab Today

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