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Choosing the Best Inpatient Acamprosate Rehab Center

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Though acamprosate, also known by its brand name Campral, is not an addictive drug, it may cause serious side effects in those who take too much of it, or even in those who take it as directed. Inpatient treatment is often necessary in this case, but what are the steps for choosing the best inpatient treatment program for your recovery? Call 800-654-0987 now to let us help you by matching you to a beneficial program based on your needs.

Acamprosate and Inpatient Rehab

Post marketing data, collected retrospectively outside the U.S., have provided no evidence of Campral abuse or dependence.” However, this does not mean the drug is incapable of causing serious side effects.

The most dangerous of these is acamprosate’s ability to create or worsen feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts in those who abuse and even those who use the drug faithfully to their prescription.

In addition, any issues experienced with this drug become more problematic because it is prescribed as a treatment for alcoholism. For these reasons, inpatient care for acamprosate rehab is necessary in most cases, and finding the right option is important to a safe recovery.

What Should I Look for in Inpatient Care?

If you are suffering from a comorbid depression as well as problems with acamprosate, inpatient care will be necessary to your recovery. Many people in this state are also still struggling with alcohol cravings and other similar issues, as the drug is meant to help alcoholics maintain their abstinence.

This means you will likely be dealing with three issues at once, all of which will need to be treated simultaneously, as comorbid disorders have the ability to worsen one another if not treated at the same time.

Your inpatient program should also provide the following:

  • A safe, comfortable environment where you will feel at home, as you will likely be staying there for at least a few months (or possibly longer)
  • Medications and behavioral therapies, when applicable for your situation, including
  • A dedicated staff of doctors, nurses, counselors, and other practitioners who make you feel comfortable in rehab and listen to your needs
  • 24-hour surveillance and protection from the potential of substance abuse

Recovery is an extremely vulnerable time, and especially if the medication you were taking for alcohol dependency has led you to depression and/or other serious side effects, it is very important that you are protected and made to feel comfortable.

Many strategies are put into place by rehab centers to ensure that patients stay for the full duration of their treatment program so that they can get the full benefits of the said program. Without the aspects of safe and beneficial treatment listed above, you will be more likely to leave rehab early, which can be extremely problematic for your overall recovery.

Choosing the Best Option: How Do I Know the Program Is Best for Me?

No one treatment is right for every individual patient, and this is why each person requires a different type of treatment program.

You may need to attend rehab at a different facility than someone else with similar issues, which is why it is necessary to consider your needs before choosing a center. But how can you know the center you’re choosing is the right one?

Many people call the facility beforehand and ask questions, such as

In addition, you may decide to tour the facility before making a final choice. This can allow you to determine if you truly feel comfortable in the facility and give you the chance to meet your caregivers face-to-face before you actually begin attending the program.

Find Your Inpatient Acamprosate Rehab Center Today

Acamprosate causes serious issues in certain users, and intensive care in an inpatient facility is sometimes necessary. You are not alone.

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