Phenobarbital Addiction

Phenobarbital, like all barbiturates, has a potential for abuse. If you are one of the many people struggling with phenobarbital abuse, you need to seek treatment and your best option will be inpatient treatment. Phenobarbital is part of a class of barbiturates known as hypnotics/anticonvulsants.

The drug controls abnormal electrical brain activity in order to reduce seizures. For shorter term use, it can calm anxiety and help with insomnia. The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, recognizes that there is a possibility for users to develop physical or psychological dependence.

Another use of phenobarbital is in treating people undergoing abrupt withdrawal from benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines, which have in many ways replaced barbiturates in calming people and aiding with sleep, can cause users seizures and tremors.

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However, benzodiazepines have not completely replaced phenobarbital as a prescription and many users continue to have access to its hypnotic effects and to grow dependent upon them. An article in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine attributed misuse to self-medication of psychological conditions, generally dose increases.

If you have found yourself dependent upon phenobarbital and using it outside of the manner indicated by your physician, you run numerous health risks. It’s time for the chemical coping to stop. But, how do you choose a rehab facility? The following post will cover some major questions, but you are encouraged to call 800-654-0987 to speak to someone immediately who can answer all of your questions. Learn about possible rehab options and ask about financing. We have the answers you need.

Why Do I Need Inpatient Care for My Phenobarbital Addiction?

Inpatient Phenobarbital Rehab

Inpatient rehab will help you feel like yourself again.

Phenobarbital withdrawal may trigger sedative withdrawal syndrome, which is treated through a tapering off of the medication and may require hospitalization. To avoid severe withdrawal symptoms and to make sure that the tapering proceeds in a specific, medical fashion, you need total oversight by a staff of professionals. You need the round-the clock care that is only available in inpatient programs.

Additionally, experts indicate that long-term treatment of phenobarbital addiction requires counselling with an addiction-treatment professional. This intensive regimen of therapy and counseling works better in an inpatient setting, where you face fewer interruptions and are able to better focus.

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Is Residential Treatment the Best for Phenobarbital Addiction Treatment?

A detox program can get you through withdrawal symptoms, but it can’t erase the cravings caused by physical and psychological dependence. These will continue for some time. They will make you more likely to relapse. One of the benefits of residential treatment is that your residence has a strict policy against drugs and alcohol. You will not have any temptation or options to use.

Plus, you will be separated from stressors that make you want to use, like broken relationships, professional complication, and even settings and people who make you remember using. The change of setting can reduce your stress levels and allow you to devote your full attention to your recovery.

Should I Go Out-of-State or Should I Stay Local?

If you feel that you need even more distance from your stressors, you may consider going to an inpatient rehab located in another state. It will certainly provide you with a larger shield from your former life. However, it may prove to be more expensive depending on the method of funding you plan to use. That’s worth considering.

You may also find yourself leaning toward an out-of-state program because it has offerings not available locally. It is important for you to evaluate what you need to succeed. If you don’t think you can get through rehab without the treatments offered at a distance program, you may need to go there. Carefully weigh your options.

Is Luxury Treatment an Option for Phenobarbital Addiction Rehab?

Although it generally costs a bit more, you may feel that the amenities offered through a luxury treatment center make it too appealing to pass up. You will have the benefits of a deluxe private room, maid service, in-house massage, and a gym facility.

The setting of the rehab will be gorgeous. The aesthetics will be top-notch. If these elements are important to you, look into luxury treatment. It may help you to remain engaged in your program.

To ask questions about your options and to speak to an expert who can discuss financing and give you additional information about the treatment programs available to you, call 800-654-0987 24 hours a day. We’re waiting to help.

Choosing the Best Inpatient Pentobarbital Rehab Centers