Norco Addiction

Norco, the brand name drug containing hydrocodone and acetaminophen, can become addictive because of the presence of the former drug, an opioid that treats pain. When a person becomes addicted to Norco, they require safe, beneficial treatment at a rehab center, and many people choose inpatient rehab for this purpose.

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Norco Addiction and Inpatient Rehab

According to the National Library of Medicine, hydrocodone combination products, like Norco, can cause a serious addiction syndrome, which is why patients are encouraged to only take them as their doctor recommends. Those who do become addicted, however, don’t always need inpatient care because the drug does not cause psychotic symptoms or dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Norco Rehab

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However, you may choose inpatient rehab anyway for many reasons. Many people do not want to be tempted to use again while they are attending rehab, and being in a controlled environment can help prevent that. Some addicts also suffer from co-occurring disorders or do not have strong social supports at home, and this could intensify their need for inpatient treatment. It is always important, though, to consider each rehab center specifically in order to find the one that will provide you with the best care.

What Should I Look for in Inpatient Care?

When choosing an inpatient rehab program, it is important to make sure the center of your choice can treat your entire condition rather than just your addiction. For example, a study from the medical journal Psychiatric Quarterly states that inpatient rehab is better for those with co-occurring mental disorders or polydrug addictions. But your treatment center must have the options necessary to treat this kind of issue, and it is your job to find out the truth.

Finding an inpatient program––especially the best one for your needs––isn’t easy, but this is a healthcare program, so you can think of it as looking for a doctor. What do you look for when trying to find a new doctor?

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  • Coverage: If your insurance company doesn’t cover a certain physician, you likely won’t go to them, right? It is important to find a rehab center that your insurance program will be able to work with and that you can afford to pay the copay on. However, you won’t want to choose the cheapest option on principle because your health is a very important thing.
  • Competence: Your rehab center should offer the treatments that you need and provide you with competent care for an ample length of time. The healthcare practitioners at the facility you choose will need to offer you a safe environment and beneficial care in order for you to recover effectively.
  • Kindness: The program and its staff should offer you compassionate care. Without this, you will be less likely to stay in treatment, which could make your recovery much less stable. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Successful outcomes often depend on a person’s staying in treatment long enough to reap its full benefits,” and you will be more likely to stay in treatment if you believe your doctors, nurses, and counselors care for and understand you.

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Choosing the Best Option: How Do I Know the Program is Best for Me?

You can often know if a program is right for you by visiting the facility yourself. It can be difficult to know this otherwise, especially with an inpatient rehab center where you will be spending all day and all night for several months or more. When you tour the facility, make sure to look for

  • Cleanliness
  • A friendly and helpful staff
  • A willingness of the staff to answer your questions and to ask questions about your needs in order to build a beneficial, individual treatment program for you
  • A program that offers treatments you believe in (for example, if you are not religious, you may not want to choose a Catholic-based inpatient center)
  • An environment that makes you feel comfortable and safe

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