Is It Dangerous to Detox from Heroin Without Professional Treatment?

Heroin detox can be very dangerous without the proper, professional treatment. While not everyone needs 24-hour care in a controlled facility, some sort of medical care will usually be necessary to one’s safe, secure recovery from heroin withdrawal. Call 800-654-0987 now to find a rehab center where you can detox from heroin and attend addiction treatment.

Why Is Heroin Detox Without Professional Treatment Dangerous?

According to the National Library of Medicine, opioid withdrawal is not usually life-threatening like some other withdrawal syndromes can be, but “withdrawal from these drugs on your own can be very hard and may be dangerous.” This is true for a number of reasons.

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Detox from Heroin

Heroin withdrawal can cause severe depressive symptoms that must be professionally addressed.

  • It is possible that someone going through opioid withdrawal could experience severe depressive symptoms, which can possibly lead to suicidal thoughts and actions.
    • Anyone going through this withdrawal syndrome should be checked for depression, and without professional treatment, one likely won’t be.
    • In addition, a person who is experiencing these issues will need more intensive care and likely shouldn’t be left alone for the early part of their recovery. Whether they choose to attend outpatient care and have a friend stay with them or stay in a residential rehab facility where they can be monitored 24/7, these are both much safer options.
  • The withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin and any type of opioid withdrawal can be extremely painful. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “It is not recommended that clinicians attempt to manage significant opioid withdrawal symptoms without” the use of medications, and you will not be able to receive these medications without seeking professional treatment for your withdrawal.
  • Those who do not attend detox for their withdrawal symptoms are often much less likely to attend addiction treatment afterward. As most individuals who become dependent on heroin are addicts because the drug is an illegal substance and extremely dangerous, not attending treatment for addiction is a mistake.

The Risks of Relapse During and After Heroin Withdrawal

The most dangerous time for a person to relapse back to heroin abuse is during or just after they have withdrawn from the drug. Their tolerance is much lower at this point, but many addicts do not realize this and, as a result, more opioid overdose deaths happen at this time than any other during the course of addiction or recovery. Because relapse is so much more likely in someone who doesn’t seek help, this makes the option of forgoing addiction treatment extremely dangerous.

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “The path to drug addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. But over time, a person’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised.” A person may think they are capable of going through detox without anyone’s help, but if they are addicted to heroin (and most of those individuals already dependent on the drug are), they will find this extremely difficult to do without anyone’s help. This is why it is much safer to put yourself in the hands of professionals who will know how to help you detox from heroin and fight the temptation to return to substance abuse, however this needs to be accomplished.

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Professional Treatment Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps you need to be in a residential facility where you have 24-hour access to care in a controlled environment that eradicates the temptation to use. Perhaps an outpatient facility that allows you to go to work, see your family, and live your life while you slowly detox from heroin is the best option for you. Or perhaps you just need a doctor’s help to slowly wean you off a medication that will minimize your withdrawal symptoms as you go through the process of detox. Whatever option is best for you, it is extremely important to seek professional treatment for heroin detox instead of attempting to go it alone. The latter option is much more dangerous and statistically more likely to lead to relapse.

Need help finding the best detox program for your needs? Call 800-654-0987 today, and begin your journey of recovery from heroin addiction. Remember, though, detox is only the first step; you will still need to attend a rehab program as well in order to fully recover from addiction.