How Do I Choose an Appropriate Heroin Rehab Center for My Needs?

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 06/24/2021

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The best heroin rehab center for your recovery will depend on your specific needs as a patient and a recovering individual (as well as certain needs that may not pertain to either of these subjects).

It is important to consider everything you will require from a rehab program before you choose the appropriate option for your recovery from heroin addiction.

What Are My Needs for Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Your needs are the most important to consider when choosing a treatment program for heroin addiction. Though your family members and friends will likely have input, you must choose the best option for you because it is your treatment program.

Your needs can include a number of things, even some that are not directly related to your addiction to heroin. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Effective treatment addresses all of the patient’s needs, not just his or her drug use.” Your needs are likely to fall under a number of specific categories:

Heroin Rehab Center

Consider what consequences of heroin abuse you need addressed in rehab.

  • Your drug abuse: Is your abuse and addiction very severe? Do you think you will not be able to stop using heroin if you are not in a controlled environment?
  • Your physical state: Have you contracted HIV or another disease that heroin abuse can often lead to (Center for Substance Abuse Research)? Do you require 24-hour medical care?
  • Your psychological state: Are you suffering from any comorbid disorders that will require simultaneous care with your addiction (NIDA)?
  • Your social issues: Do you need family or couples therapy to help you and your loved ones work through serious issues affecting your relationships? Do you need to be surrounded by individuals who support your choice to seek treatment?
  • Your vocational issues: Did you lose your job as a result of your heroin abuse? Do you have financial issues?
  • Your legal status: Are you experiencing legal troubles caused by your substance abuse? Do you require representation or a way to pay off certain fees?

In addition, the NIDA states that you may have additional needs that pertain to your “age, gender, ethnicity, and culture,” which the appropriate treatment center must meet. For example, if you are more comfortable speaking Spanish than English, it is important that your treatment center has a bilingual staff. If you need equipment for a hearing disability, kosher meals, or something else important to your ability to comfortably visit and/or live at the facility of your choice, you will also want to make sure the heroin rehab center you attend can provide these accommodations.

Choosing the Right Program Based on Your Needs

Not only do you have to understand your needs for addiction treatment, but it is important to understand which rehab program can provide you the right care based on these needs.

  • Inpatient centers are often more beneficial for those suffering from more severe addictions, additional physical or psychological issues (especially comorbid mental disorders), or a lack of social support. If these specific issues are affecting you, it is likely that you will require inpatient care.
  • Outpatient centers are often best for those with jobs and strong social supports like large, supportive families and lots of friends (NIDA). They are usually a better option for individuals who are suffering from less severe addictions or who have other beneficial forces in their lives that are working to help them stay on track in their recoveries.

Essentially, it may seem like someone with more needs should attend inpatient care, while someone with fewer can get by with outpatient treatment, but the truth can be more nuanced, depending on your specific situation. The best way to choose an appropriate heroin rehab center for your addiction recovery is to consider all the things you will need from a treatment program and then to consult your doctor about the best option for those needs.