Are There Free Heroin Rehab Centers?

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 08/8/2019

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Free heroin rehab centers do exist. In fact, there are many different types of programs available to those who truly need them, free of cost, and depending on your situation, they could be an extremely beneficial option for your recovery.

What Are Free Rehab Centers?

percent of all treatment facilities in the US are completely free of charge to patients. While this may seem like a small number, 76.3 percent of rehab centers in the US offer at least some sort of payment assistance to patients whether this means

  • Completely free treatment
  • Partially free treatment
  • Offering a sliding fee scale

If a treatment center offers at least one of these options (and many offer more than one), it could be very helpful to someone in a severe financial situation. Treatment for addiction can sometimes be very expensive, and the average heroin addict can spend up to $200 per day to maintain his or her addiction, often leading to financial issues. As such, this option can help a number of people, especially those who need treatment but cannot afford to pay the high costs of some programs.

Who Needs Free Heroin Rehab?

Generally, free programs only offer spaces to individuals who truly need this option. This means

  • People whose incomes are very low
  • People who are experiencing severe financial issues that they cannot solve quickly
  • People who have no one in their lives who can help them pay for treatment

This need is often determined by asking potential patients to show proof of their financial situation, either by bringing in pay slips or another type of evidence.

While you may feel that this option should be open to you, it is important to consider if you truly require free heroin rehab. If you can pay for treatment, even just a small sum, there are programs that provide their patients with other payment options and other types of help, as stated above. No one should take a slot in an actual free treatment center away from someone who really needs it if they can afford to pay for treatment in some capacity.

How Do I Find Free Treatment Centers?

There are many different types of rehab centers, and free programs can be found in a number of different categories, from 24-hour inpatient centers that provide hospital-like care to outpatient facilities.

Finding the right free treatment option for your needs can be a bit difficult, but by knowing whom to ask and doing a little research, you will be likely to find the type of facility you require.

  • First, ask your doctor for help. They will be one of your best resources, as they will likely know the options for recovery in your area as well as your specific needs as a patient.
  • Go to your local free clinic. The doctors and nurses there will often be accustomed to recommending low-cost treatment programs to patients who need them and will likely have an excess of information for you.
  • Go to an outreach or community center. Volunteers there often know a great deal about low-cost treatment options as well as other free programs for recovering individuals.
  • Support group meetings are also a good source of information when it comes to local treatment facilities, and at least one of these meetings can usually be found every day in an urban area.

Once you learn more about the options around you, you can consider if any of them will be likely to help you with your heroin addiction in a way that takes your financial situation into account.

Do I Need Free Treatment?

Ask yourself if you truly require all-free care for heroin addiction, and if not, make a budget to determine exactly how much you can pay and still be able to manage your other obligations.