How Do I Pay for Treatment?

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There are many different ways to pay for addiction treatment, and while it can sometimes seem like a difficult task, it is important to remember that many rehab programs exist with many different costs. Call 800-654-0987 now to discuss treatment, payment, and to find the best program for your needs.

What Is the Cost of Treatment?

Rehab can cost anywhere from nothing to $80,000 a month. These are, of course, extremes, as free treatment does exist but can be difficult to find and the most expensive options are usually luxury facilities available to those who want more intensive care and more comfort during treatment.

Paying for Addiction Rehab

Professional treatment programs are generally likely to cost more if they are in inpatient or residential facilities than if they are in outpatient centers (National Institute on Drug Abuse). However, it is more important to attend the type of program you require based on the severity of your situation. There are rehab facilities of all types that vary widely in cost.

But how can you pay for treatment, and what options are available to help you do so?

Can I Get Free Rehab?

Though low-cost and even free options exist, it is important to ensure that you truly need to attend this type of care before taking a spot from someone else. Making a budget can help you find out just how much you can afford to pay for rehab, and then, you should be able to find a program that, with the help of your insurance, will cost you around that much.

What If I Can’t Afford the Cost?

Often, the cost of treatment can be high, even with the help of friends, loved ones, and insurance plans. This is why many rehab programs have an option for patients to finance the cost of their care. You may be able to pay a specific sum at the beginning of your treatment and then pay a monthly amount agreed upon between you and the facility so that you will not be forced to pay the full amount all at once. This can make the cost of treatment––and paying for it––much more manageable.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

You can attend rehab and be able to afford it if you take all of your options into account and choose the one that best fits your many needs, including your budget. Let us help you narrow down the search and find an affordable treatment program that will allow you to make a change in your life; call 800-654-0987 today.