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Downtown Roanoke is a treasure. It’s great fun to park and spend the day exploring museums and attractions like Mill Mountain Theater. Many residents do this as a way to escape the stresses of daily life. But, other residents do that using drugs and alcohol, which is one reason addiction has become a big problem in the community.  But, every single person who is grappling with the disease has the chance to recover, and professional addiction treatment will enable them to do so.

If you or someone who is important to you are ready for rehab, your first step is going to be entering a detox program. was created to help people navigate their treatment choices. We have compiled a comprehensive list of information about Roanoke, VA detox centers. It will allow you to pick the perfect treatment center no matter what the addiction is.

Roanoke Addiction Stats

  • In 2011, 910 adult arrests were made for narcotics/drug offenses and 36 juvenile arrests
  • In 2016, there were 56 fatal overdoses
  • In 2016, 15 percent of Roanoke residents reported excessive drinking
  • In 2016, 41 percent of the deadly car accidents in Roanoke were alcohol-related
  • In November 2016 Roanoke had the highest number of emergency room visits for overdose per 100,000 population for the third month in a row


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

By the time a person has an addiction, the only thing triggering their drug abuse is a compulsive need. But, initial drug abuse is typically motivated by a desire to use the drug’s effects to assist with something. An anxiety sufferer may turn to marijuana abuse to relax. A chronic pain suffered may abuse prescription opioids to ease discomfort. A trauma sufferer may use alcohol to block out memories and thoughts.

The signs of drug use begin with the actual physical side effects of use, like changes in a user’s energy levels and pupils. Regular use leads to a greater focus on getting high, and that translates into some behavioral signs of drug abuse, including neglect of personal hygiene, social withdrawal, and financial instability.

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Getting Help in Roanoke

Many Roanoke residents have watched as addiction damaged their lives. Generally, people with an addiction feel like they are failures; they think they should be able to control their drug use. That is not the case. Addiction is a crippling disease and it requires professional assistance to manage. A qualified, formal rehab facility enables people to overcome addiction and return to productive, stable lives. is here to help you make a wise decision about your treatment. Use us to learn about Roanoke, VA detox centers. You will find a perfect match for your budget, goals, and temperament. We know that this is a step that will begin a period of recovery and we want to support you in taking it.

Choosing From Many Roanoke Detox Centers

In examining Roanoke, VA detox centers to find one for yourself or a loved one, do thorough research and reflect on your circumstances.

  • Talk to people who have experienced detox

    If you have friends or family who have been through programs at Roanoke, VA detox centers, ask them about their experience. Factor what they have to say into your decision.

  • Start building support

    It’s time for you to begin gathering family and friends who will help support you as you work through recovery. These people can help with research and act as a sounding board when you try to choose a detox center. Their support will keep you moving forward.

  • Pick the right level of care

    Some of the withdrawal symptoms people experience during detox are incredibly dangerous, even lethal. Find out the level of treatment offered at Roanoke, VA detox centers in order to confirm that you can get the right amount of help. Too little or too much won’t produce positive outcomes in the long run.

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