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Virginia Detox Centers

Drug overdose deaths in Virginia have been climbing steadily year after year — most of which are caused by opioids. The opioid death toll is so high in Virginia that the state considers its opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency. Opioids include illicit street drug heroin, and prescription drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.

Other drugs commonly abused in Virginia are marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Marijuana is widely available throughout the state and produced in Mexico and rural areas of Virginia. Methamphetamine use is prominent in southwestern Virginia, while powdered and crack cocaine use is widespread in major cities.

Virginia detox centers can help nearly anyone overcome dependency on alcohol and other substances including crystal meth, hallucinogens, and club drugs. Detox treatments can lower the risk for health complications that commonly occur during withdrawal, and minimize cravings to make recovery more comfortable. Use Addictions.com to browse your options for nearby Virginia detox centers that can help you overcome addiction.

Virginia Addiction Stats

  • Prescription drugs, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine are the top five substances abused in Virginia.
  • Drug overdose deaths in Virginia increased by 6% from 2014 to 2015.
  • 1,039 people in Virginia died from drug-related overdoses in 2015.
  • Opioid abuse causes more deaths in Virginia than those caused by auto accidents and firearms.
  • There were 237 deaths caused by alcohol-related auto accidents in Virginia in 2014.
  • 1% of people in Virginia are physically dependent on alcohol, which surpasses the national average of 6.5%.
  • 5% of people in Virginia are physically dependent on drugs.
  • Almost 94% of Virginia residents addicted to alcohol do not receive treatment.
  • 6% of Virginia residents addicted to drugs do not receive treatment.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Signs of drug abuse can sometimes be difficult to spot, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Many who suffer from addiction tend to prioritize drugs and alcohol above important life obligations such as career, education, and family. These individuals may also spend more time with negative influences who drive their addiction, and run into serious problems with finances or the law.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Hiding drinking and drug use from others
  • Lying and secretive behavior
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Drug and alcohol cravings

Drug abuse can be caused by factors including mental health disorders, chronic stress, and long-term prescription drug use. Other common causes include environment, trauma, and a family history of addiction.

Virginia Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Virginia

Virginia detox centers offer treatments that can help you overcome addiction and stay sober for life. Detox centers are located all throughout the state, including in larger cities Virginia Beach and Norfolk, and in smaller cities Leesburg and Fredericksburg. Our caring addiction counselors are on standby 24/7 to help you find the best Virginia detox center for you or your loved one.

Quitting and tapering drugs and alcohol on your own increases the risk for serious complications such as seizures, coma, and death. Virginia detox centers can monitor your progress throughout withdrawal, and use medications and other therapies to minimize cravings and unpleasant symptoms. Use Addictions.com to explore treatments and therapies available at Virginia detox centers.

Choosing From Many Virginia Detox Centers

Narrowing your options for detox centers can be difficult when you’re not sure which treatments and services can benefit you or your loved one the most. Follow these tips when reviewing your options for Virginia detox centers.

  • Treat all sides of addiction

    Detox helps you overcome physical dependency on drugs and alcohol, but does not address psychological causes of addiction. Look for Virginia detox centers that treat addiction as a whole using detox and counseling. Behavioral counseling can help you overcome co-occurring disorders, while cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you identify negative thoughts and behaviors that drive your addiction.

  • Decide on inpatient or outpatient

    Inpatient detox is conducted at residential facilities that offer safe, stable environments away from drugs, alcohol, and negative influences. Outpatient detox often involves prescription medications that treat certain addiction types, and allows patients to live off-site. Inpatient care is ideal for those overcoming a severe, long-term addiction, while outpatient care is more ideal for those overcoming a mild addiction and have supportive home environments.

  • Opt for aftercare

    Aftercare services help former addiction patients stay sober for life following treatment. Aftercare may include ongoing counseling, support-group therapy, and addiction education classes. Look for Virginia detox centers that offer aftercare programs so you or your loved one can benefit from lifelong sobriety with a lowered risk for relapse.

  • Seek affordable detox treatment

    Detox treatment can be made affordable for nearly anyone who struggles with addiction in Virginia. Most detox centers featured on Addictions.com accept major health insurance plans, and offer sliding scale payment systems to lower treatment costs based on income. Some detox centers even offer grants and low-cost treatment to qualifying individuals.

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Virginia detox centers offer the treatments you need to fully overcome physical dependency on substances. If you suffer from alcohol or drug abuse and need help achieving sobriety, call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 800-654-0987 to speak with a caring drug abuse counselor about your options for Virginia detox centers.