West Valley City, Utah Detox Centers

West Valley City is the second largest city in Utah and suffers high substance abuse rates involving alcohol, marijuana, and opioids — specifically heroin. Addiction is driving crime rates across West Valley City communities, and driving overdose deaths mainly caused by heroin and painkillers.

West Valley City, UT detox centers can safely and comfortably guide residents through withdrawal from drugs and alcohol with a lowered risk for serious health complications. Use Addictions.com to explore your treatment options in West Valley City and nearby Salt Lake City.

West Valley City Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be caused by a wide range of factors including boredom, peer pressure, and mental health disorders like depression and PTSD. Sometimes drug abuse is caused by genetics, or from spending time in environments with regular access to drugs and alcohol.

Physical signs of substance abuse:

  • Itching
  • Constricted or dilated pupils
  • Change in eating patterns
  • Poor personal hygiene

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Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus

3460 South Pioneer Parkway
West Valley City, UT 84120

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Getting Help in West Valley City

Trying to overcome chemical dependency on your own can be difficult and life-threatening, and increases the risk for relapse. West Valley City, UT detox centers use treatments that can relieve withdrawal symptoms so you can recover with little pain and discomfort. Detox centers in Utah will customize treatments just for you based on the substance being used and the severity of your addiction.

Choosing From Many West Valley City Detox Centers

Finding the best detox center can be difficult when you’re also being affected by addiction. Use these tips when searching among West Valley City, UT detox centers.

  • Ask about staff-to-patient ratio

    Patients often experience better treatment outcomes when served by caring medical staff who can guide them through withdrawal and administer medications. Look for West Valley City, UT detox centers with a high staff-to-patient ratio so you can receive the attentive care you deserve.

  • Seek counseling therapies

    Detox helps you overcome physical dependency on drugs and alcohol, but doesn’t address underlying psychological causes of addiction such as stress. Search for West Valley City, UT detox centers that also offer counseling and behavioral therapies to treat these underlying causes.

  • Participate in aftercare

    Aftercare is comprised of 12-step support groups, relapse prevention education, and ongoing counseling to help you stay clean for life following detox. Look for West Valley City, UT detox centers that include aftercare services with treatment.

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