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Corpus Christi sees heavy drug trafficking activity due to its close proximity to Mexico, and suffers high rates of methamphetamine and heroin abuse compared to most other Texas cities. While meth and marijuana have always ranked highest in terms of availability, heroin is becoming more widely available on behalf of the state’s ongoing opioid epidemic.

Corpus Christi, TX detox centers can help any local resident overcome dependency on meth, alcohol, and all other substances. Use to find nearby detox centers ready to help you safely and comfortably achieve lasting sobriety.

Corpus Christi Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be triggered by chronic stress, mental health disorders, and from spending time with people who influence alcohol and drug use. Since Corpus Christi is a major drug trafficking hub, environment is a leading cause of addiction for many local residents.

Physical signs of substance abuse:

  • Red, bloodshot eyes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Shaking
  • Sweating

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Toxicology Associates Inc

5233 Interstate Highway 37
Suite C-17
Corpus Christi, TX 78408

Coastal Bend Alcohol/Drug Rehab Center DBA Charlies Place

5501 Interstate Highway 37
Corpus Christi, TX 78408

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Getting Help in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, TX detox centers can lower your risk for serious health complications that may occur when trying to detox on your own without help. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can trigger flu-like symptoms, along with life-threatening symptoms such as seizures and heart failure. Detox safely from crystal meth surrounded by caring medical staff at Toxicology Associates Inc, or take your time recovering physically and psychologically from alcohol abuse at Coastal Bend Alcohol/Drug Rehab Center DBA Charlies Place.

Choosing From Many Corpus Christi Detox Centers

When you’re coping with addiction, it can be difficult to focus on finding the best detox center for you or your loved one. Follow these tips when researching your options for Corpus Christi, TX detox centers.

  • Ask about detox methods

    Each individual requires their own unique detox treatment based on addiction type and severity of the addiction. Ask Corpus Christi, TX detox centers how their detox methods work, and whether they can help reduce cravings and other severe withdrawal symptoms.

  • Treat underlying causes of addiction

    The best way to overcome addiction as a whole is to identify and treat the root cause of your addiction. Look for Corpus Christi, TX detox centers that offer CBT, community reinforcement, and similar therapies that address psychological causes of addiction.

  • Seek support group therapy

    Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are highly effective at motivating patients to stay sober long after detox treatment. Look for Corpus Christi, TX detox centers that include 12-step support group therapy with treatment.

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