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There are few places serving better food and drink than Charleston. It is a foodie wonderland, with great neighborhoods like Lower King Street and NoMo getting acclaim regularly. But, Charleston residents weighed down by addiction don’t enjoy food the way that others do. They actually don’t get the enjoyment that they used to out of anything. But, there are recovery options available. Rehab works wonders in people’s lives.

If you or someone who matters to you are prepared to enter a rehab facility, the first thing you need to do is find a detoxification program. wants to help you to do this. We have gathered information about Charleston, SC detox centers that you need to find the ideal one for your needs. Regardless of your addiction, there is a match available.

Charleston Addiction Stats

  • In 2016, there were 138 drug-related deaths in Charleston County
  • 22 percent of people in Charleston County report excessive drinking
  • 50 percent of the 2016 driving deaths in Charleston County were alcohol-related
  • In 2006, Charleston had the highest rate (146.7) of drug arrests per 1,000 residents in the state
  • The justice department asserts Charleston has one of the largest gang populations in the state and these people are involved in drug distribution; 25 percent of the crime in North Charleston is gang-related according to the police department


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It’s hard to identify a single cause of drug abuse because there are so many of them. When a person begins abusing drugs, they generally do so to take advantage of a drug’s effects. A person who needs to stay up will use stimulants. A person who needs pain eased will abuse opiates. And, a person who is trying to reduce social anxiety may abuse alcohol.

The signs of drug abuse are also many. There are so many different drugs and so many different people using them that the signs that manifests range. However, after a period of regular use, drug abusers tend to become so focused on continuing that they cease caring for themselves and their environment, develop financial problems, and stop following through on responsibilities. If you are concerned someone you love has an addiction, investigate further.

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Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health

2777 Speissegger Drive
Charleston, SC 29405

Medical University of South Carolina IOP CDAP

67 President Street
Charleston, SC 29425

Charleston Center of Charleston County

5 Charleston Center Drive
Charleston, SC 29401

Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina Inc

2301 Cosgrove Avenue
Suite F
Charleston, SC 29405

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Getting Help in Charleston

Citizens of Charleston have access to some excellent rehab options. For people who have an addiction or have someone they love who has an addiction, this outside assistance is invaluable. It simply isn’t possible to manage this disease with willpower. But, trained and experienced rehab staff change lives and return people to healthy, productive lives.

Before rehab begins, it’s imperative that a person stop using drugs and this will trigger withdrawal symptoms. Charleston, SC detox centers alleviate the discomfort of this period and keep patients medically stable. We have gathered information on the facilities in your region and this will let you evaluate your option. You will find a great match for your budget, temperament, and circumstances.

Choosing From Many Charleston Detox Centers

When assessing Charleston, SC detox centers, you will need to reflect on your addiction and do considerable research. can help you with both of these.

  • Connect with people who have been through detox

    Meet with friends and family who have used Charleston, SC detox centers and have them narrate their experiences. You will learn a lot about the process from a patient’s point of view, which will help you make better choices about the treatment you pursue.

  • Build a support system

    Addiction is a lonely disease, but don’t wait until you are months into your recovery to challenge that. Now is the time. Ask friends and family to help you research and use them for feedback when making decisions.

  • Treatment intensity

    Some detox programs merely require visits to a facility but other programs at Charleston, SC detox centers are inpatient with round-the-clock medical supervision. What decides the type you need includes the primary substance of abuse, past detox attempts, and a patient’s health. Be thorough in examining your addiction and matching it to an appropriate treatment level.

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