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Illicit drug use has been at the forefront of public policy in Aiken for more than a decade and continues to create significant threats throughout the city. Drug offense charges range from buying or selling drugs, manufacturing, assisting in the possession of drugs and transporting drugs throughout the city. Despite increased control, overdose rates continue to plague the city.

Detox centers in Aiken provide customized treatment plans that are geared toward reducing withdrawal symptoms and preparing the patient for ongoing rehabilitation. provides a valuable resource to education you on the types of detox available as well as to help you find local Aiken, SC detox centers that can help.

Aiken Addiction Stats

  • Police officer involvement in Aiken county have reduced the number of drug related crimes, specifically those involving children, in the past ten years.
  • Possession of crack, crank and methaphetamine are major concerns in Aiken.
  • Accidental overdose is the third leading cause of death in the city.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Substance abuse can be caused by a variety of different factors including family history, present trauma or illness, past use of prescriptions, mental illness or other chronic diseases. Once addiction begins, quitting can lead to withdrawal that makes it feel physically impossible to refrain from further substnace use.

Sommon signs of withdrawal include:

  • Sweaty or clammy hands or skin
  • Pale skin
  • Insomnia or other changes in sleep patterns
  • Cravings to use
  • Inability to say “No” to a substance when it is offered

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Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Hlth Servs

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Aiken Treatment Specialists

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Getting Help in Aiken

Treatment is the only way to surely overcome physical withdrawal and live a drug and alcohol free life. Aiken, SC detox centers provide around-the-clock support, therapeutic care, and medical intervention to keep patients safe.

Many detox centers in Aiken even accept major forms of health insurance. For instance, visit Aiken Treatment Specialists to receive detoxification treatment, withdrawal intervention and long-term relapse prevention care that will help you to remain sober. Look to 24/7 to guide the way to recovery and healing that’s right for you.

Choosing From Many Aiken Detox Centers

We realize that choosing the best detox program for yourself or a loved one is not only an overwhelming process, it’s potentially a matter of life and death. How much more overwhelming could it be, really? Follow these tips for finding and choosing Aiken, SC detox centers:

  • Pick the Right Treatment, Save your Life

    Don’t let your fear of committing to inpatient detox prevent you from getting the life-saving care you need. If you’re addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs such as Xanax, or certain other drugs with highly dangerous withdrawal symptoms, inpatient detox is a necessary first step. For addictions with less invasive symptoms of withdrawal, outpatient treatment may be considered.

  • Don’t Let Mental Illness Stop You from Recovering

    Co-occurring mental illness including OCD, Bipolar disorder, PTSD and depression are commonly found in conjunction with addiction. Failure to seek Aiken, SC detox centers that provide treatment for dual-diagnosis may prevent you from getting the proper treatment for reovery. Consider all underlying factors when you seek help.

  • Consider Long-term Care

    Detoxification to overcome physical symptoms of withdrawal is the first step of recovery, but it won’t be the last. Consider long-term care options such as rehabilitation, sober living and aftercare programs that provide access to individual and group counseling, family support and outpatient groups such as NA to ensure you remain sober.

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