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For the 197,000 residents, Akron, OH is host to many events that make life interesting and enjoyable. A manufacturing city, there are many opportunities for people of all educational and socio-economic backgrounds to thrive. The city has a rich history founding the current model of our country’s educational system and, interestingly enough, the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Even home to AA, the area is not immune to ongoing drug and alcohol addiction issues, however. Many residents find themselves searching for Akron, OH detox centers in desperation. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to alcohol or other substances, you understand the heartache and loneliness of addiction. Our staff at Addictions.com understands too. We are available to hear your specific story and offer the best help and advice for your or someone you care for.

Akron Addiction Stats

  • 145 people have been charged with driving under the influence in Akron in 2017.
  • Alcohol and marijuana are the most commonly abused drugs in the region.
  • 225 people died from opioid-related overdoses in 2016, up 11% from the previous year.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

For Bill W. and the first 100 alcoholics who began a worldwide fellowship dedicated to recovery from alcoholism, Akron symbolized home to the 12-step recovery movement. With this history, it may feel intimidating to be facing addiction issues in the city today. Regardless, help and hope are available. Research has progressed over the past 80 years, and many evidence-based practices have been developed to help alcoholics and addicts. Searching for Akron, OH detox centers can put you on the right track for medical intervention. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the detoxification process:

  • Detox from substances can take between a few days to a few weeks.
  • Different medications are used to help ease withdrawal symptoms, depending on the targeted dependent substance.
  • Detox is the first step in a long-term process toward sustained abstinence.

Regardless of the type of substance that is the center of addiction, an assessment by a qualified health professional is paramount. The intake process through one of our Akron, OH detox centers is thorough and discreet. Let one of our team members advise you on a positive course.

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Saint Thomas Hospital Ignatia Hall Summa Health System

444 North Main Street
Akron, OH 44310

Oriana House Alcohol and Drug Crisis Center

15 Frederick Street
Akron, OH 44310

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Getting Help in Akron

When alcoholism or addiction is dogging your every step, quitting seems impossible. Alcohol, opiates and other substances highjack your brain’s processing channels and create lasting structural changes. To combat the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of substance abuse, detox is advised. Regardless of your specific circumstance and whether you are addicted to one chemical or more than one substance, ongoing recovery is possible. However, alcoholics and addicts who surround themselves with medical and therapeutic supports are more successful in their long-term efforts.

Choosing From Many Akron Detox Centers

There are numerous recovery resources available in the city of Akron. Given the rise in opioid abuse nationwide and Akron’s ongoing attempts to stem the flow of marijuana and cocaine trade, the city has responded by offering numerous public health options. In addiction treatment, one or a combination of the following may be helpful:

  • Detox
  • In-patient Treatment
  • Out-patient Treatment
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Alternative Therapies (meditation, vitamins, exercise, etc.)

Don’t allow the devastation of alcoholism or drug addiction tear your family apart. When you call Addictions.com, you will speak to a specialist who can direct you down the right avenue for a healthier new reality. We will help navigate insurance and answer any questions you may have about payment options.

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