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Ohio Detox Centers

Ohio suffers from one of the highest opioid overdose death rates in the U.S. One in every nine heroin-related deaths in the country takes place in Ohio, and approximately eight people die from an opioid overdose in Ohio every day. Opioid addiction is plaguing families and communities across the Buckeye State, and is causing the state to lose millions in medical and work costs.

Cocaine, marijuana, and benzodiazepines are other substances commonly abused in Ohio. Heroin abuse rates are continually on the rise, since heroin is less costly and more easily accessible than prescription painkillers. Fortunately, anyone who becomes physically addicted to these substances can visit an Ohio detox center to get clean and achieve lifelong sobriety.

Ohio detox centers offer treatments that help you safely and comfortably overcome physical dependency on alcohol and other substances. Most detox treatments are overseen by caring medical staff who monitor your progress 24/7 to minimize the risk for complications. Use Addictions.com to find nearby detox centers in your area.

Ohio Addiction Stats

  • Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs are the top four substances abused in Ohio.
  • Opioid overdose deaths in Ohio increased by 21.5% from 2014 to 2015, resulting in 3,310 deaths.
  • 1 in 9 overdose deaths that involved heroin in 2015 took place in Ohio.
  • 8 people in Ohio die every day from an unintentional drug overdose.
  • Unintentional drug overdoses are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in Ohio.
  • 7% of Ohio residents over the age of 12 are physically dependent on alcohol.
  • Over 91% of Ohio residents addicted to alcohol do not receive treatment.
  • 5% of Ohio residents addicted to drugs do not receive treatment.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be caused by factors including co-occurring disorders, parental neglect, and misuse of prescription medications. Drug abuse can affect all types of people from all walks of life, but can be effectively treated with detoxification.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Decline in performance at work or school
  • Loss of interest in favorite hobbies
  • Drug and alcohol cravings

Drug abuse can also cause physical symptoms including excess sweating, shaking, and extreme excitability or fatigue. Those who struggle with addiction tend to modify their usual behaviors, and devote more time to drinking and drug use than to important life obligations such as career, education and family.

Ohio Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Ohio

Use the directory on Addictions.com to explore your options for Ohio detox centers. Look for detox centers in your city to stay near supportive friends and family, or search detox centers in other parts of Ohio away from negative influences that could interfere with recovery. Recover in a large city like Columbus or Cleveland, or in a smaller city like Steubenville to regain the strength and mental clarity you need to combat addiction.

Detox is often the first stage of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our experienced addiction counselors are available 24/7 to answer all your questions about detox treatments, and to help you find nearby detox centers in Ohio.

Choosing From Many Ohio Detox Centers

Finding a detox center for you or your loved one can be overwhelming when you’re also coping with addiction. Use Addictions.com to learn about detox treatments for alcohol, heroin, and meth abuse, and to discover which Ohio detox centers offer these treatments.

Follow these tips when researching detox centers in Ohio.

  • Choose a detox method

    Medically supervised detox allows patients to recover surrounded by caring, attentive medical staff to lower the risk for serious side effects and complications. Natural detox treatments use IV vitamin therapy, massage, and exercise to help the body withdraw from substances. Choose a detox method that works best for you, based on your addiction type and unique, personal struggle with addiction.

  • Treat co-occurring disorders

    Co-occurring disorders are mental health disorders that exist at the same time as addiction. Many times, co-occurring disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety are the direct cause of addiction. If you or your loved one suffers a mental health disorder, look for Ohio detox centers that also offer behavioral counseling.

  • Consider location

    Choose a detox center near your home if your goal is to stay near supportive friends and family. Choose a detox center in another part of Ohio if your goal is to recover without distractions, or without facing negative people in your life. The location of your detox center plays an important role in your overall recovery from substance abuse.

  • Look into affordable treatment

    Addiction treatment in Ohio can be made affordable for nearly anyone on behalf of sliding scale payment systems that adjust the cost of treatment based on income. Most Ohio detox centers on Addictions.com accept most major health insurance plans, and offer alternate payment methods to accommodate as many patients as possible. Some detox centers even offer low-cost addiction treatment to qualifying individuals.

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