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New Jersey Detox Centers

New Jersey may bring to mind tough characters and sordid reality show stars, but the state is also a hotbed of cultural activities and intellectual development given its notable colleges, museums and arts activities. From its beautiful coastline to rustic farmland, New Jersey offers something for everyone to enjoy regardless of their station in life. The busy pace and central location in the middle of New England gives the state uncounted benefits.

However, as the hub of New England and its adjacent location to New York, it is prone to drug trafficking, gang activity and crime. Heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine are readily available on nearly every street corner. As a result, the number of people falling into serious drug addiction is on the rise and the state health care agencies are bustling to keep up.

The heartbreak of drug addiction is more than spouting statistics of scholarly discussions about the problem. Real families with real lives are torn apart daily by drug addiction. People who truly want to stop are unable. Drug addiction tells the user there is no way out. This is a lie. Recovery is possible. Detoxification solutions are available throughout this fine state. Addictions.com has numerous resources to help addicts and their families. By reaching out today, addiction care professionals can help people find one of the appropriate New Jersey detox centers to meet their specific needs.

New Jersey Addiction Stats

  • Marijuana remains the most prevalent of illicitly abused drugs in New Jersey.
  • Over 27,500 residents of New Jersey were treated in 2015 for heroin addiction.
  • Nearly 13,000 patients received some sort of opioid maintenance therapy during 2015.
  • HIV and Hepatitis C infections are at an all-time high in New Jersey.
  • 1,816 people were killed in drunk driving related crashes between 2003 and 2012.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Opiate addiction is no joke. What may have started as a prescription for pain relief or a desire for recreational pleasure can teeter quickly into opioid addiction. After only two weeks of steady opioid use, lasting changes in the brain can be detected. Opiates work be changing the way pain is processed in the brain. By flipping the pain sensors off and turning the pleasure centers on, it is virtually impossible to habitually use opiates without becoming an addict.

This is true for other substances, as well. Whether someone is drinking heavily, snorting cocaine or taking other types of pills, a physical addiction can develop at any time. If a person has difficulty quitting, cannot predict how much they will use during a given time or uses much more than they initially began taking, a physical addiction is more than likely present.

What can happen if an addict does not receive treatment at one of the available New Jersey detox centers? Listed below are some of the things that can happen:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heart attack or heart irregularity
  • Delirium tremens (shakes)
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Organ failure
  • Death

Physical addiction requires treatment. Like receiving treatment for diabetes or any other chronic illness, receiving detoxification for addiction should be viewed as a medical issue first and foremost.

New Jersey Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is working to support citizens who are attempting to get clean. With addiction as the number one health challenge facing the state, strategic plans are in place to help. Detox services may be available at little or no cost. Seeking help and reaching out to discover what resources are available is a simple first step toward getting off the roller coaster of addiction today.

Sometimes people think of addiction and automatically jump to various rehabilitation scenarios. Detoxification treatments are available as a first step without becoming bogged down or preoccupied with what comes next. If you or a loved one needs help to get clean and stop using, reach out today.

The threat of a drug or alcohol related fatality is very real. Here are some initial steps to take in order to begin the detox journey. Don’t get ahead of yourself. New Jersey detox centers are available to help, even if this is the only step you can commit to taking at the moment.

  • Call Addictions.com
  • Receive a referral.
  • Appointment will be set.
  • Follow detox protocol for a period between 2 days to 2 weeks, depending upon level of need.
  • Decide about future care.

Choosing From Many New Jersey Detox Centers

Attempting to stop using without medical treatment and detoxification is dangerous and could be life threatening. Guilt and shame should not be part of this initial process. You or your loved one are not alone. Alcoholism and drug addiction are affecting countless thousands of citizens in all areas of the United States. New Jersey citizens are no different. Addiction can happen to anyone, any time, any place. Reaching out for help is a strength, not a weakness.

When calling to discuss detoxification treatment options with your addiction care specialist you may be asked some of the following questions. Answer as honestly as possible to receive good advice about treatment options:

  • Which substances are you or a loved one dependent upon?
  • What is the frequency of use?
  • How much are you or your loved one using?
  • Have you developed a tolerance?
  • Are withdrawal symptoms present when going without the substance?

Provide the answers to these questions to an addiction specialist or health care provider as a beginning to a new way of life at one of our recommended New Jersey detox centers.

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