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New Hampshire Detox Centers

New Hampshire, the heart of New England, is home to majestic mountains and vast, serene lakes. The area calls visitors to explore the outdoors and enjoy family and friends. Hiking, skiing and water sports are just some of the activities to be enjoyed in this beautiful state. Their recent tourism slogan calls for residents and visitors to “Live Free”.

Freedom, however, is a state of mind. New Hampshire is facing a significant health crisis, with drug addiction and opioid abuse on the rise. As with other areas across the nation, New Hampshire is plagued with solving the escalating drug epidemic and protecting its citizens.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of resources for individuals and families who have been personally touched by addiction. Whether opioid addiction has crept into the picture or a variety of substances have become problematic, getting clean is the best option. With any medical condition, receiving appropriate healthcare is critical. Detoxification is often necessary as the first step toward lasting recovery. Finding the right center is important to insure proper care is received. Addictions.com has researched specific New Hampshire detox centers to deliver the best care to our clients.

New Hampshire Addiction Stats

  • Fentanyl was the leading cause of overdose in 2016, causing over 200 deaths
  • Between May 2016 and April 2017, approximately 480 patients were admitted to the emergency room with opioid related overdose
  • Between 2003 and 2012, 399 people died in a drunk driving crash
  • A combination of Cocaine and Fentanyl are responsible for the majority of overdoses


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Many people use alcohol and drugs in the United States. Nationwide, estimates reveal about 50% of the population drink alcohol and approximately 12% use drugs recreationally or in a manner other than intended to treat illness. Given these startling numbers, it is easy to fall into the mindset that “everyone does it”. How can someone tell if social drinking or recreational drug use has teetered into a loss of control and utter dysfunction? Detoxification may be necessary if a physical or mental addiction is present. Here are some questions to answer honestly and share with your doctor:

  • When substance use is present, are my behaviors or those of my loved one out of character?
  • When substance use is absent do I (or my loved one) experience mood swings?
  • When a period of hours or days have passed without substance use, do I (or my loved one) experience headaches, nausea, sweating or shaking?
  • Do I think or obsess about specific substances? If my loved one uses substances, do I constantly worry about his/her substance use?

If any of these questions cause concern, call Addictions.com for a private consultation about next steps for admission into any one of our quality New Hampshire detox centers. Addiction is a medical condition. It only makes sense to seek appropriate treatment to ease the symptoms of stopping substances.

New Hampshire Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in New Hampshire

New Hampshire detox centers are available to help. Fortunately, local initiatives throughout the state are in place to address the growing overdose death toll. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction that started with a simple pain prescription, or alcoholism and addiction have been problematic for years, help is available. Thinking about addiction as any other health condition may be helpful. If you or your loved one suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure or a rare blood disorder, you would not hesitate to seek medical care. The same attitude should be embraced if you or a loved one is suffering with addiction.

Medical treatment is available and can start today. Don’t think about a life-long battle or the difficulties you may anticipate in the future. Simply focus on the first step of getting clean. Physicians and healthcare providers have so many treatment options available to help. We no longer live in the dark ages of medicine practices. It makes sense to receive proper treatment to ween the body and mind from powerful substances through a detox center or hospital specializing in this sort of treatment.

Choosing From Many New Hampshire Detox Centers

Multiple treatment center options are available for detox services. There are hospital, clinics and even out-patient options when it comes to getting clean and sober. The most important thing to consider is knowing what options will best help you get well. Talk to an addiction specialist to review the information pertinent to your case and decide what’s best. When talking to your counselor or other healthcare provider, you may wish to write a list of information to share. Consider this list for a good start:

  • Type of substance abuse

    Some people are having a problem with one specific chemical, while others abuse multiple substances. Make a list of everything, along with how often each type of drug is taken.

  • Duration of substance abuse

    Time moves quickly during addiction. Drinking and partying that began during the teen years may move at such a fast pace that individuals can look up in their thirties, discover a major drug problem and wonder what happened. Look honestly at how long substances have been abused.

  • Overall mental health

    Addiction can begin when people self-medicate other mental health issues. Unfortunately, many people still view depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia as moral weakness. Mental health concerns are very real considerations in helping substance abusers get clean for good.

  • Overall physical health

    Some people have coinciding conditions along with substance abuse. Make sure to share a full medical history with addiction care specialists. Diabetes, back problems, orthopedic conditions, digestive issues and more can often be intertwined with addiction issues. Physicians and health care providers need all the facts to prescribe optimal care.

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