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Jackson, MI was founded in 1829 and named after former U.S. President Andrew Jackson. Also known as the Rose City and The Jack, Jackson is the principal city of the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area and has a population of over 33,000. Like many cities in this area, though, Jackson struggles with a substance abuse problem.

If you are living in Jackson and need help overcoming a substance use disorder, or know someone who does, you can find it here. At Addictions.com, we want to help recovering addicts find Jackson, MI detox centers where they can safely begin to recover from substance abuse and its many serious effects.

Jackson Addiction Stats

  • In the city of Jackson in 2006, there were 0.7 alcohol fatalities per 10,000 people, which was higher than most other cities in the state.
  • In 2009 and 2010, Michigan was one of the top ten states for past month illicit drug use rates among individuals 26 and older.
  • 37 percent of Michigan residents reported past-month abuse of illicit drugs. The national average was 8.82 percent.
  • 1,000 unintentional drug-poisoning deaths occurred in Michigan in 2009. 23 percent of these involved prescription opioids.
  • 5 meth labs were identified in Jackson County alone in 2009.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Addiction is a serious disorder. Those who believe addicts should be able to overcome their desire to abuse drugs with nothing but a strong will do not understand the severity of this issue and do not realize that, like asthma and diabetes, addiction is a chronically relapsing disease. When people start abusing drugs, they can often control this abuse, but over time, the drug changes the way their mind works, causing them to act differently. As a result, treatment will be necessary.

In addition, this is also one of the strongest indications that a person you know is using. If your loved one has become more hostile and violent, more secretive, and less interested in the activities that used to matter to them, these are all strong indications that you are dealing with a substance abuser. The earlier they seek help, the better it will be.

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Victory Clinical Services III

3300 Lansing Avenue
Jackson, MI 49202

Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center

2424 West Washington Street
Jackson, MI 49203

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Getting Help in Jackson

Detox is often the first line of defense when getting help and treating addiction. While detox alone is not a treatment for a substance use disorder, it can be the first step that allows an individual to overcome dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms. Afterward, the individual can seek help in a rehab center where medications, behavioral therapies, and other treatment options will be available to them.

Choosing From Many Jackson Detox Centers

You may begin to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing from the many Jackson, MI detox centers, but remember, you should feel comfortable in your treatment program as well as safe. This may mean needing to attend inpatient detox or requiring care in a certain type of treatment program, such as one that utilizes spiritual teachings.

Whatever your needs or the needs of your loved one are, there are plenty of Jackson, MI detox centers and rehab facilities that will provide the required care to create a strong, healthy recovery. Afterward, you or your loved one may decide to attend multiple treatment programs, as this is often a beneficial choice for long-term recovery. Whatever you choose, though, remember you are not alone. You do not need to go through withdrawal or recovery without the supervision of medical professionals who care about you and your ability to make a change.

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